On the Friday before the presidential election in France, documents purported to contain unverified information that was damaging to the Emmanuel Macron campaign were leaked online, just hours before a nationwide moratorium on election coverage by the media was set to begin.

Although the discussion was tweeted nearly 350,000 times on social media, the disinformation campaign had limited effect on the voting public in France. Why?

In a new research paper “Disinformation and Social Bot Operations in the Run Up to the 2017 French Presidential Election,” Emilio Ferrara found new evidence that the effort was limited in its scope and impact as the disinformation campaign itself was mostly shared by foreigners outside of France. Ferrera is a research leader and principal investigator in the Machine Intelligence and Data Science group at USC’s Information Sciences Institute and assistant research professor in the Department of Computer Science at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

In his study, Ferrara looked at the timeline of the election and leveraged his previous experience in studying Twitter bots during elections to identify anomalies, patterns and profiles of those who shared and consumed and revived links to content that was intended to undermine the Macron campaign in favor of Marie Le Pen. The paper appears in the August edition of First Monday.

Ferrara, who has a history of distinguishing bots versus humans on social media, studied a dataset of almost 17 million posts from April 27 through May 7, 2017, France’s election day. Through a combination of machine learning and other modeling techniques, Ferrara was able to discern bots from humans with over 80 percent accuracy based on the characteristics of the Twitter accounts, including the frequency of account postings and the customization of the account profile. He then developed a profile of those who engaged in sharing the leaked and possibly false information about the Macron campaign. Eighteen percent of the Macron leaks promoters were bots, according to Ferrara, compared to 15 percent of bots that were deployed in the U.S. presidential campaign.

Ferrara said that accounts engaging in sharing and promoting #MacronLeaks and the affiliated files were mostly those of foreigners which, he noted, favored “alt-right” topics. #MacronLeaks, he said, was tweeted about more often in English (177,695 tweets out of 350,000) than in French (135,397 tweets).

Ferrara hypothesized the existence of an underground market of reusable political disinformation bots.

The ridiculous celebration of Bastille Day reminds you Don Quixote attacking the windmill.  Bastille was a benevolent prison of only eight inmates who were disturbed by the attacking crowds. Yes, Bastille was a sort of windmill in the minds of hoi polloi.

A deliberate side-effect of Macron’s policies is population change. Like many European leaders, Emmanuel Macron seems convinced that the remedy for the demographic deficit and the aging of ethnic European populations is more immigration. On September 6, 2015, he stated that “immigration is an opportunity for all of us”. On February 12, 2017, he said, “I will propose to the Algerian government the creation of a Franco-Algerian Bureau of Youth, to encourage mobility between the two shores of the Mediterranean”. A few weeks later, he declared that “the duty of Europe is to offer asylum to all those who seek its protection” and that “France must take its fair share of refugees”.

Almost all refugees arriving in France are Muslims. France already has the greatest percentage of Muslims in Europe. Macron wants Islam to have more room in France. His position concerning other religions is not known. His position on Islam is clear:

“Today, Muslims of France are poorly treated … Tomorrow, a new structure will make it possible to relaunch the work sites of the Muslim religion in France: the construction and the improvement of worthy places of worship will take place where their presence is necessary, and the training of imams of France will be organized.”

The French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood congratulated Macron on his victory. It published an official communiqué saying: “Muslims think that the new President of the Republic will allow the reconciliation of France with itself and will allow us to go farther, together.”

Macron’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and favored their installation in the city of which he is the mayor, Le Havre. Richard Ferrand — a Socialist MP, the secretary-general of En Marche! since its inception, and now Minister for the Cohesion of Territories — has been financially contributing to the anti-Israel BDS movement and to “pro-Palestinian” organizations for years. Gerard Collomb, the Socialist Mayor of Lyon, and now Interior Minister, financed the French Institute of Muslim Civilization that will open its doors in December 2017.

Macron is a useful idiot of Islam. How the French could have chosen Emmanuel Macron? The mainstream media have played a role. Evidently, also, some people do not want to know the truth, even when the truth is in front of their eyes. Some people are accustomed to the idea that there are people above them in the hierarchy whose job is to think about, and take care of the big things while they, the citizens, the mice, take care of their own little lives.

A majority of the French did not choose Macron but apparently accept that there are people above them. Those who do not accept this fact so easily are many, but in minority, and they are likely to become a smaller minority. Macron is counting on their resignation. It is not certain, however, that the millions of people who voted for Marine Le Pen, despite her extremely problematic closeness to Russia and the harsh campaign against her, or those who voted for the leftist candidates, will so easily give up. It is also not certain, thanks to willful blindness and appeasement, that Islamists will mellow, or that Jihadi attacks will stop.

No-go zones are no longer relegated to the suburbs, where migrants and Muslims have usually been concentrated. No-go zones, through mass migration, have been emerging in the heart of Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Grenoble, Avignon — districts “privatized” here and there by a mix of drug traffickers, Salafist zealots and Islamic youth gangs. The main victims are women. They are sexually harassed and some are sexually assaulted.

Politicians, as usual, are fully informed of the situation imposed upon women. A report from the High Commissioner on Equality revealed that in the sensitive urban areas, nearly one in ten women has suffered physical or sexual violence. Public areas are occupied exclusively by men who park there, and women are merely authorized to pass through them. Women have been seen public spaces desert them. You have to stay away, not provoke. In some places, male groups monopolize public spaces and sometimes block the access to the entrances of buildings. Women are obliged to avoid the elevator in order to flee glances and remarks that are unpleasant. They have go up the stairs — dirty, unlit and several stories high. Cafés are occupied exclusively by men; women do not dare to enter them; they even avoid passing by.

Pseudorefugees are back at Calais! Niggers, ragheads, and naive do-gooders of Calais jungle raise hell. People-smugglers are going to extreme lengths to get migrants in Calais across the Channel to Kent. Placing debris on motorways to stop vehicles and then ambush them is a familiar tactic used in Calais. Truck drivers are threatened with chainsaws and lorries are smashed and set on fire. Migrants wielding bats and knives smash up vehicles on roads near the town as their owners sat in traffic.

Less than six weeks after the first driver death at Calais caused by migrants, a trucker has been struck on the head with a brick by illegals who then stole the victim’s vehicle.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) described the attack on the driver, who is recovering in hospital with a serious head injury, as extremely disturbing — and noted that it comes as a stark warning to UK-bound hauliers that migrants will stop at nothing to reach our shores.

“Since this situation began we have stressed that migrants are putting the lives of HGV drivers at risk,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett, adding: “This latest method of hijacking is is a new one and clearly shows that the desperation of migrants to get to the UK has reached new heights.”

The driver had stopped on the A16 motorway outside Calais, near Marck, where he noticed migrants trying to climb into his truck.

When he exited the vehicle to inspect the damage, he was attacked by the mob who then stole his truck and drove off towards the port — leaving the driver on the floor for dead, bleeding from his injuries.

The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NavCIS) said the hijackers, who were stopped by police about five miles away from the incident, were believed to number between 20 and 30 men.

NavCIS Industry liaison and intelligence officer Andrew Round said: “If the levels of violence seen over the last six to eight weeks persist, I’d like to see the military brought back in.

“It is just not fair on the drivers; something has to be done between the UK and French governments above and beyond what they are already doing.”

In June, a Polish driver was killed on one of the main approach roads to Calais after migrants dragged tree trunks onto the A16 motorway in a bid to slow traffic and break into vehicles bound for Britain.

The RHA reported that nine Eritreans were subsequently found in the back of one of the trucks.

The naive do-gooders of Jungle are not so naive after all.  They are there for free sex and orgies!  Volunteers in the Calais Jungle have been sexually exploiting refugees and even child migrants. The Calais Jungle is now a free brothel, a magnet of pedophiles!  Any man or woman can come in and rape a child!  Sex tourism galore!  Sex-deprived Brits come to Jungle for orgies, pretending they are volunteers!

Migrants have become increasing audacious and violent in their attempts to enter the UK illegally. Some roads are now a no-go zone between midnight and 6am. The situation at the Jungle has become uncontrollable as police numbers drop and migrant numbers rise.

We know from the drama in Calais that mobs of fighting age men are staking their claim to economic betterment while the liberal left continue to grant them refugee or asylum status before the fact. They are braying jackals, thieves, and muggers – those willing to flout the law in their search for freebies in Britain. And even then, they’ll probably complain about their complimentary meals, provided courtesy of the British tax payer.

Look back to recent pronouncements, admissions even, made by charities in Calais. Clothes and food are being dumped and burnt by the migrants in Calais. They have enough food, they have enough clothes and we have seen clothes everywhere thrown.

The fact is the British people are being played for mugs again, and the pro-migrant, disaster tourism brigades who stoke up tensions in Calais drip feed news stories into the media. Mass migration and open borders is a bumper industry. The British government is spending tax payer money funding these groups who attack the tax payer and indeed the British government.

At Calais, you will meet niggers and ragheads who destroyed their papers and refuse to be fingerprinted. Most of them are middle class and economic migrants and admit they are not refugees. They just want Brits to provide housing, welfare, and free access to the British NHS. But if you are honest about your status then you would have claimed asylum in the first country you arrived in.

Human feces were found in Coke cans in bottling plants. The night shift at a Coca-Cola plant was disrupted when a container of cans clogged up the machines, only for workers to discover a number were filled with human waste! It was absolutely horrible, and the machines had to be turned off for about 15 hours to be cleaned. 

Some migrants have made that long journey in the lorry and in their desperation were forced to use the cans instead of a toilet.  Cans arrive at factories without tops on, to be filled with the fizzy drink before they are sealed and sold.

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