Turkish MP Gülsün Bilgehan has criticized Turkey’s record on women’s rights on the third anniversary of the Istanbul Convention. “The Council of Europe is to make a warning to countries to implement the Istanbul Convention effectively in a report to be published in 2018. Turkey is among the countries with the highest number of child marriages,” Bilgehan, also a Council of Europe parliamentarian, told us.

The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, known as the Istanbul Convention, entered into force in Turkey on Aug. 1, 2014.

“Turkey has been experiencing problems with implementing preventative measures against underage marriages, which have been brought to the agenda recently as religious offices are slated to be authorized to conduct marriages with the latest draft law,” Bilgehan told us.

“Article 37 of the convention states ‘parties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to ensure that the intentional conduct of forcing an adult or a child into marriage is criminalized,’” Bilgehan told us.

Bilgehan reiterated the importance of the Istanbul Convention, noting that it had become pressing to implement the convention’s requirements in the wake of recent attacks against women on public transport over the way they dressed.

“The Istanbul Convention requires taking clear-cut measures on the subject. Article 4 states ‘parties should take necessary legislative and other measures to promote and protect the right for everyone, particularly women, to live free from violence in both the public and the private sphere,’” Bilgehan told us.

Islamic gangs are using violence and intimidation to enforce Shariah law in Germany. A threatening video of an armed man in a hood has been circulating in the Muslim community. The pistol-waving raghead declares: Here, in Germany, certain Muslimas and Muslims who look like women do unspeakable things. You know it; I know it; everybody knows it. Muslimas who flirt with infidels and marry them, Muslimas who have chosen the wrong path and those creatures who call themselves Muslims – given half a chance, we will set all of them straight. Having sworn on the Quran, we go out onto the streets. This is our declaration of intent; do not say that you were not warned; do not say that you did not know.”

The rough justice meted out by Berlin’s shariah enforcers was described to us by a female victim. The woman described how Muslims recorded her walking down the street with a non-Muslim man and later showed up at her house. She managed to conceal herself but the man was seized and brutally beaten, losing most of his teeth.

“Why does my private life concern [them] at all?” she asked. “I don’t know them. I don’t want to. I’m not their sister or daughter. My private life is no one else’s business.”

‘Transgressions’ can include acts as simple as attending mainstream German schools, where sex education classes are part of the curriculum. Many women and girls who would prefer to adopt a more Western lifestyle say they keep to some of the trappings of Islamic tradition to try and escape the Muslims’ attention, but covering up is not always an adequate precaution.

“Even in a hijab, I was called a prostitute, for instance, for wearing eye make-up. And I thought: ‘Who am I trying to please?’” said one girl. “To gain everyone’s respect, you need to put on a headscarf, lower your eyes, and never leave home. But who would want such a life?” asked another. Both agreed they could not stand the hypocrisy of leading a double life.

Recently, a judge in Germany acquitted a Turkish drug dealer of raping one of his customers last August. He had forced himself on her for four hours and left her incapacitated for weeks. He told the judge that in the culture from where he came, what she had experienced as rape might be considered merely wild sex. What culture is this?

Every month in Turkey, at least forty women are killed, two hundred women are exposed to sexual violence, and one hundred children are molested. Many children are sexually abused for years, and often attempt suicide.

63% percent of femicide is committed by husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers or sons.  Stupid courts state that the murder of women in Turkey is spurred more than half the time by women! It is supposedly their fault: they actually wanted to make decisions about their lives, such as getting a divorce, before they were murdered. Worse, nearly a third of those are classified by authorities as suspicious murders, perpetrated by unknown assailants.

Torturing women to death is also increasingly widespread, as well as killing young children along with their mothers. One case involved a man who slit the throats of his ex-wife and their five-year-old daughter.

As above, crimes against girls and women are often shrugged off by Turkey’s criminal justice system. One case in point is of a man acquitted by a judge in Eskisehir; the man was accused by his cousin of repeated rape and death threats, from the time the victim was 13 years old. After a nine-month trial and massive evidence against him, the man was acquitted.

Although crimes against women take place all over the world, practices such as sexual enslavement and stoning to death are far more widespread in Islamic societies, where they are also socially and legally tolerated — as rooted in Islamic scripture. The Quran, for instance, allows men to beat his wives.

Tragically, Europe, when Muslims are the perpetrators, seems to be adopting the sharia approach to rape.

A man who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria has had his conviction overturned after judges found he may have believed the child consented. Police said the 20-year-old Iraqi refugee, who has not been named, assaulted his victim in a toilet cubicle at the Theresienbad swimming pool in Vienna. The child reported the rape to a lifeguard and his attacker was arrested at the scene, reportedly telling officers in initial interviews that he was experiencing a sexual emergency after not having sex in four months. In June, he was jailed for a minimum of six years for rape and aggravated sexual abuse of a minor, and ordered to pay €4,700 (£3,700) compensation to the boy’s family. The victim’s mother told us her son had been screaming and crying every night since the attack and had talked of suicide.

A young left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the racial background of three men who raped her in case it triggered reprisals against refugees in her country. Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked by three men in the city of Mannheim where she works as a refugee activist. The 24-year-old was ambushed late at night in a playground where she was forced to perform a sex act on her attackers. After the assault, she went straight to the police — but she did not tell them the ethnic make-up of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi. Selin, aware of the backlash that migrants suffered after the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by marauding gangs of immigrant youths – instead said she was robbed and said her attackers spoke German. Now she has told us why she lied, because she did not want to stoke more hatred against migrants in Germany.

These examples are merely a sampling of what is becoming commonplace across Europe. In the name of human rights, inclusion, diversity and equality, enlightened activists and judicial authorities are apologizing for and excusing Muslim criminals for behavior that would not be tolerated from anyone else, and that should not be tolerated.

By overlooking or justifying Islamic atrocities, Europeans are not only endangering innocent women and children; they are actually encouraging rape and other forms of violence. Meanwhile, they are also complicit in destroying Western values.

If one such value is multiculturalism, sadly — contrary to progressive belief — not all cultures are necessarily equal. Those cultures in which women and children as are viewed as property deserve no respect, and certainly not preferential treatment.

Do these judges work for sharia courts or for secular European courts? What kind of a message do these judges give to Muslim and other criminals in Europe with their decisions? These court rulings are an open call to Muslim men in Europe to rape women, children, anyone they like. What will a society be like to live in if the courts will be on the side of the rapists and they will not be held accountable?

Why not publicize that if people decide to move to a country, they must respect the citizens and laws of that country? Bringing the primitive aspects of one’s culture to a host country should not be encouraged or tolerated. Rape is always rape, assault is always assault, no matter who the perpetrator is. Western countries must stop tolerating Muslim criminals because of their religion. That is not wise public policy or even justice. Cultures and religions that do not respect women and others do not deserve to be respected.

Unfortunately, these extremely basic truths haven been largely ignored. The politically correct multiculturalists have created an environment in which some Europeans have forgotten what it means to stand up for reason, truth and justice- perhaps out of fear of being called racist; or the very misguided desire to prevent a backlash against Muslims. It would be nice if Muslims would help to prevent the frontlash.

By tolerating Muslim criminals in the name of human rights, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, or equality, however, these judges or activists are actually destroying those values. By taking the side of the rapists and becoming complicit in their crimes, they are encouraging rapists and turning everyone — including children — into potential victims. Trying to justify rapes and other crimes committed by Muslims is an attack against the safety and dignity of everyone.

Female genital mutilation is the cutting or removal of the clitoris and the labia, as a way of eliminating a Muslima’s sexual desire and pleasure, to guarantee that she be a virgin before marriage and remain faithful to her raghead afterwards. FGM has no health benefits, and it harms Muslimas in many ways. It involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue, and interferes with the natural functions of Muslimas’ bodies. Generally speaking, risks increase with increasing severity of the procedure. Procedures are mostly carried out on young Muslimas sometime between infancy and adolescence, and occasionally on adult Muslimas.

The influx of migrants from Islam into Occident has led to a dramatic and dangerous increase of FGM in Europe, UK, and USA. At least one Muslima each hour is subjected to this excruciating procedure in UK alone, 30 years after it was outlawed. One million Muslimas in Europe have undergone FGM, while many others are at risk of being forced to undergo it. In Germany, for example, a clinic was opened in 2013 to provide both physical and psychological treatment to victims of the procedure; an estimated 50,000 Muslimas in the country had been affected by it, with approximately 20,000 in Berlin. Called the Desert Flower Center, the endeavor was spearheaded and funded by Somali-born supermodel Waris Dirie, a prominent anti-FGM activist.

The Turkish government lacks the political will to implement the Istanbul Convention, the Council of Europe convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, even though Turkey was its first signatory state, according to a representative of a women’s rights NGO. “We observe a tendency to backtrack from the Convention,” Gülsüm Kav from the “We Will Stop Femicide Platform” told us.

Kav points out that three years ago today, on Aug. 1, 2014, the Istanbul Convention entered into force in Turkey.  The independent expert body responsible for monitoring the Convention’s implementation has asked for a report from us. You are supposed to report positive steps as well as negative ones, but we could not find anything positive to report.

There are four essential categories in the Convention: Prevention, protection, prosecution and integrated policies. The first is about equality policies and here we see a backward trend in Turkey. Turkey ranked 125th out of 142 countries in the OECD’s Global Gender Gap Report. This result is not a coincidence, considering that the officials who should be taking the measures for gender equality use a rhetoric that shows they do not believe in equality.

On the second category, the Convention says that all women should be protected if they ask for protection from violence. In our country, that would mean the effective implementation of Law No. 6284, but there are many loopholes in the implementation of this law. Even women under protection continue to be murdered. Last year, five women under protection were killed, while the previous year more than 10 women under protection were killed.

Kav notes that women start facing difficulty from the moment they apply to the relevant centers, and usually there are efforts to send them back home. There are a number of different measures that can be taken: The standard one is a call for protection by dialing 155. But again the implementation is problematic and women keep being harmed until the police arrive. Sometimes even when the police come they don’t interfere.

In short, many women cannot benefit from the public resources that they pay for with their taxes even when they apply to avoid getting killed. When the law entered into force public officials received some training, but ever since then there has not been much positive to report as the government wants to step back from some of the gains made. For instance, the government is uneasy about judicial rulings to keep husbands away, saying this negatively affects men.

Law No. 6284 is a fairly recent law. Some public officials may still not be informed about it. Some still ask for a document of marriage, but the law was renewed and being married is no longer a requirement to ask for protection.

Still the most crucial problem is the fact that the government has no political will for effective implementation. On the contrary, we feel a tendency to backtrack and uneasiness about the Istanbul Convention from the government.

Kav explains the mentality. Divorce is usually the main reason behind murders of women. When a woman asks for a divorce it could end in her death. In order to find a solution to this, the government is looking for ways to prevent divorces. The parliamentary commission formed last year on divorce demonstrates such an effort. We know that there were negative comments about the protection law during talks at the commission.

If the state fails in protecting women – and this is the case in our country, where a decision to keep away the husband has been found in the handbag of a murdered women – then the state has to say “I failed to protect you” and take measures accordingly, especially deterrence measures. There should not be impunity and deterrent punishments should be applied. There should be zero tolerance to violence against women. But we still see reductions of sentences in such cases due to so-called “good behavior in court.” This year we have monitored 108 court cases in the first three months, half of which ended with reduced sentences due to “good behavior.”

Recently we also see long trial periods. Any late arrival of justice is itself a form of injustice. What’s more, we have also started seeing more postponements of sentences, especially in cases of sexual violence.

The government’s effort last year to open the door to the release from prison of rapists who married their victim demonstrates this mentality. Fortunately we were able to block that draft in parliament.

But currently the most acute problem is the reduced sentences applied to the perpetrators. At the same time, such reduced sentences are not applied to women. When faced with violence, women sometimes resort to violence in order to stay alive. But while this should be treated as self-defense they are often tried for life sentences.

The convention says “empower women to prevent violence.” This is about positive discrimination, whether it be in education, politics, or work life. We don’t see much here either. We could talk for hours about it, starting from the changes in the education system that are distancing it from science. There are also changes introduced to work life, such as flexible hours working. Providing long maternity leave and flexible working hours heralds a very dangerous path for women. The more flexible their working hours, the more their burden will increase at home.

Turkey was the first country to sign it in 2011. That was the best year as we had the lowest rate of murders of women. This shows that if you have the political will you can create an impact in society. But ever since 2011 we have seen a rise in murders of women. In 2016 we registered 137 women murders in the first five months of the year, while in the first five months of this year the number is already 173. In the past, at least we used to see some official statements about the problem, but currently there are none.

Kav also notes that we are seeing a new trend in the violence, which is becoming more barbaric. There are increasing cases of mutilations of bodies, for example. The deep silence of officials in the face of all this is striking.

The draft law also contains many other articles that will negatively affect women. We live in a country where cases of sexual abuse, forced child marriages, and early motherhood are frequent. The draft law carries the risk of exacerbating these problems. As a doctor, I find the fact that the birth of children at home will be considered just fine morally unacceptable. It amounts to the abolition of a legal framework in the health system, eliminating the monitoring of the pregnancy and of the newborn baby. In a way it creates a “free zone” that opens the door to many negative effects on the health of both mother and child.

Kav says: The law is effectively an effort to reintroduce and repackage the changes we were able to block last year, when they brought forward the bill to release rapists who married their victim. We will of course fight against it once again.

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