The stupid European Commission has today sent harassing opinions to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for non-compliance with nonsense on relocation.

Despite repeated calls for action and the launch of infringement procedures by the stupid Commission last month, these three heroic countries remain in breach of their legal obligations and have shown disregard for their commitments to Greece, Italy and other Member States.

On 15 June 2017, the stupid Commission launched infringement procedures and sent letters of formal notice to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The replies provided have not been found satisfactory as none were accompanied by an indication that these Member States would start relocating swiftly to their territory. None of the arguments put forth — whether it be the ongoing Court case against the Council which does not have suspensive effect, showing solidarity by other means, or difficulties in carrying out security checks — justify a failure to pledge available places. This is why the Commission has decided to move to the next stage of the infringement procedure. 

Nobody can order a nation with whom they should live within their own homeland; this must be the sovereign decision of each nation. The illusion of mass integration has failed, said Viktor Orbán, explaining: instead of integration, parallel societies have been created with increasing crime rates, deteriorating public safety and danger of terror attacks.

In the arguments about the future of Europe, nobody else but Europe can decide. The Prime Minister stated: By “Europe” he does not mean Brussels or the leaders of Europe, but communities of European citizens, from Athens to Helsinki and Lisbon to Sofia. But Viktor Orbán also noted: This is not what he sees in Europe; in the cradle of democracy, nobody is asking the people. “Nobody except for us, the Fidesz-KDNP [Young Democrats and Christian Democratic Party coalition] government here in Hungary,” he added, recalling that since 2010, the government has asked the opinion of the people five times on the most important common issues.

We must stop Brussels concerning the migrant crisis, stop the stealthy centralization and deprivation of our rights. The people insisted unanimously that decisions impacting the Hungarian economy should be made here, and we should continue to make decisions about our own taxes, energy prices and any other issues, he explained.

Viktor Orbán emphasized: Hungarians do not want to take in illegal migrants, “not a single one, not temporarily, not at all.” Hungarians have reached a complete consensus that we must do everything in our power to protect the country from illegal migrants, he added.

The Prime Minister noted: we have consensus that “we should not let illegal migrants roam around in the country, which would give them a chance to vanish, disappear from our eyes,” but to keep them under supervision until the authorities make a decision in their case.

We have full consensus that any activity helping illegal migration — such as human smuggling and the popularization of illegal immigration — should be punished, he stated.

According to Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian people see right through the deception, and know that a significant portion of organizations funded from abroad secretly organize the illegal migration, and that in “reality, unwillingly or unwittingly, acts as a Trojan horse of terrorism.” This is not only a Hungarian recognition; in Italy this is openly discussed and in the other countries are also finding it harder to hide the fact that human smugglers and civilian organizations that assist immigration are becoming a “shared mafia-network,” he said. He added: it’s understandable if the Hungarians want to know who supports these organizations funded from abroad.

He said the respondents stated almost in unison: Hungarians do not want to hand over the control to Brussels. They do not want to hand over more power, more authority, than is laid down in the original agreements, in the Accession Treaty. Hungary protects the European accomplishments and values; it is a strong and proud European country, which persists in its opinions and interests, he stated. According to him, we want the original founders’ European Union, not “a Kingdom of Brussels”. Where kingdom would be built, there are kingmakers in the background, as he phrased it.

He emphasized: this is a national security issue, and if we are talking about the safety of Hungarians or Hungarian families — the safety of Hungary — today or tomorrow, “then there is no forgiveness from us,” only law and order, force and defense.

Viktor Orbán emphasized: Our task is to keep calm, see the moral correctness of our politics and be confident of our strength. “We are standing alongside the Hungarian people, and Hungarians support the government against Brussels,” he pointed out.

Orbán also mentioned Gaddafi who once warned that if his government should fall, then millions of people would flood Europe from Africa. The Hungarian prime minister said that although Gaddafi was no democratic ruler, Western interventionism in Libya was partly responsible for the current crisis.

The Council Decisions require Member States to pledge available places for relocation every three months to ensure a swift and orderly relocation procedure. Whereas Hungary has not taken any action at all since the relocation scheme started, Poland has not relocated anyone and not pledged since December 2015. The Czech Republic has not relocated anyone since August 2016 and not made any new pledges for over a year.

A stupid opinion is the second step in the infringement procedure and consists of a formal request to comply with EU law, calling on the Member States to inform the Commission of the measures taken to comply within a specified period. Given that the Council Decisions on relocation were adopted in response to an emergency situation and in view of the repeated calls  to the three Member States, the authorities of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland now have one month to respond to the reasoned opinion, instead of the customary two-month deadline. If no reply is received, or if the observations presented in the reply are not satisfactory, the Commission may decide to move to the next stage of the infringement procedure, and refer the case to the Court of Justice of the EU.

The temporary emergency relocation scheme was established in two Council Decisions in September 2015, in which Member States committed to relocate persons in need of international protection from Italy and Greece.

The stupid Commission has been reporting regularly on implementation of the two Council Decisions through its regular relocation and resettlement reports, which it has used to call for the necessary action to be taken. As reported in today’s 14th report on relocation and resettlement, the pace of relocation has significantly increased in 2017 with transfers reaching more than 1,000 every month since November 2016 and June 2017 representing a new record monthly high with over 3,000 transfers. As of 26 July, the total number of relocations stands at 24,676 (16,803 from Greece; 7,873 from Italy).

With most of the Member States now pledging and relocating regularly, it is perfectly feasible to transfer all those eligible by September 2017 if the pace of relocation is maintained for Greece and further stepped up for Italy. In this final phase, it is crucial that Member States accelerate relocations and provide enough pledges to create a sufficiently large pool of places for relocating all eligible applicants, including those who are likely to arrive until 26 September. In any case, Member States’ legal obligation to relocate will not cease after September: the Council Decisions on relocation apply to all persons arriving in Greece or Italy until 17 September or 26 September 2017 respectively, and eligible applicants must be relocated within a reasonable timeframe thereafter. 

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