Netanyahu thanked Hungary for standing up for Israel time and again during a historic official visit to Budapest. Netanyahu said he was honored to be the first Israeli sitting prime minister to have an official visit to Hungary in a joint press conference with Orbán.

 Orbán told the assembled media that previous Hungarian governments had sinned when they failed to protect the country’s Jewish population during the Second World War, and that he had “made it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that the government will secure the Jewish minority and that we have zero tolerance to anti-Semitism.”

Netanyahu thanked the Hungarian leader for his important words, and suggested that it was now time to look towards the future rather than the past.

“The Jewish people have suffered great tragedy. We’ve overcome it … and also the people of Hungary [have] faced great struggles, and you’ve overcome them,” he said.

“We’ve both built modern, vibrant states; we recognise the past as we seize the future.”

“I think there’s a great future for both of us” he added, in a speech focusing on opportunities for the countries to build cultural ties and co-operate on technology, innovation and security.

Netanyahu was also at pains to thank Orbán personally for his government’s consistent support for the Jewish State on the world stage.

“I also want to thank you, Prime Minister, for standing up for Israel in international forums. You have done that time and again,” he said.

“We appreciate this stance not only because it’s standing with Israel, but it’s also standing with the truth,” he continued, alluding to the “new anti-Semitism that is expressed in anti-Zionism”.

“In many way, Hungary is at the forefront of the states that are opposed to this anti-Jewish policy, and I welcome it; I express the appreciation of my government and many people in Israel for this.”

Stupid critics of Orbán’s government, including senior EU officials such as stupid European Commission First Vice-president Frans Timmermans, have smeared the Central European country as antisemitic for speaking out against the activities of Soros.

The Hungarian government has repudiated these charges as cynical and dishonest, insisting that its quarrel with Soros centers on the fact that he is destabilizing governments in the Balkans, supporting enemies of Israel, and sending to Europe hundreds of thousands of unchecked migrants from the Middle East and Africa, some of which are home to terrorist organisations – not his Jewish heritage.

Israel’s foreign ministry released a supportive statement in relation to the accusations, noting that it is important not to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.

Nobody can order a nation with whom they should live within their own homeland; this must be the sovereign decision of each nation. The illusion of mass integration has failed, said Viktor Orbán, explaining: instead of integration, parallel societies have been created with increasing crime rates, deteriorating public safety and danger of terror attacks.

In the arguments about the future of Europe, nobody else but Europe can decide. The Prime Minister stated: By “Europe” he does not mean Brussels or the leaders of Europe, but communities of European citizens, from Athens to Helsinki and Lisbon to Sofia. But Viktor Orbán also noted: This is not what he sees in Europe; in the cradle of democracy, nobody is asking the people. “Nobody except for us, the Fidesz-KDNP [Young Democrats and Christian Democratic Party coalition] government here in Hungary,” he added, recalling that since 2010, the government has asked the opinion of the people five times on the most important common issues.

We must stop Brussels concerning the migrant crisis, stop the stealthy centralization and deprivation of our rights. The people insisted unanimously that decisions impacting the Hungarian economy should be made here, and we should continue to make decisions about our own taxes, energy prices and any other issues, he explained.

Viktor Orbán emphasized: Hungarians do not want to take in illegal migrants, “not a single one, not temporarily, not at all.” Hungarians have reached a complete consensus that we must do everything in our power to protect the country from illegal migrants, he added.

The Prime Minister noted: we have consensus that “we should not let illegal migrants roam around in the country, which would give them a chance to vanish, disappear from our eyes,” but to keep them under supervision until the authorities make a decision in their case.

We have full consensus that any activity helping illegal migration — such as human smuggling and the popularization of illegal immigration — should be punished, he stated.

According to Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian people see right through the deception, and know that a significant portion of organizations funded from abroad secretly organize the illegal migration, and that in “reality, unwillingly or unwittingly, acts as a Trojan horse of terrorism.” This is not only a Hungarian recognition; in Italy this is openly discussed and in the other countries are also finding it harder to hide the fact that human smugglers and civilian organizations that assist immigration are becoming a “shared mafia-network,” he said. He added: it’s understandable if the Hungarians want to know who supports these organizations funded from abroad.

He said the respondents stated almost in unison: Hungarians do not want to hand over the control to Brussels. They do not want to hand over more power, more authority, than is laid down in the original agreements, in the Accession Treaty. Hungary protects the European accomplishments and values; it is a strong and proud European country, which persists in its opinions and interests, he stated. According to him, we want the original founders’ European Union, not “a Kingdom of Brussels”. Where kingdom would be built, there are kingmakers in the background, as he phrased it.

He emphasized: this is a national security issue, and if we are talking about the safety of Hungarians or Hungarian families — the safety of Hungary — today or tomorrow, “then there is no forgiveness from us,” only law and order, force and defense.

Viktor Orbán emphasized: Our task is to keep calm, see the moral correctness of our politics and be confident of our strength. “We are standing alongside the Hungarian people, and Hungarians support the government against Brussels,” he pointed out.

Orbán also mentioned Gaddafi who once warned that if his government should fall, then millions of people would flood Europe from Africa. The Hungarian prime minister said that although Gaddafi was no democratic ruler, Western interventionism in Libya was partly responsible for the current crisis.


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