Quran describes a sensual Paradise where martyrs are rewarded with 72 virgins with full-grown swelling pear-shaped breasts!  We thought 72 virgins award was a monopoly of Islam.  But now we find out corrupt cardinals keep 72 virgins here on Earth with your charity money! A trial against two corrupt members of a Vatican foundation charged with embezzling charity money to refurbish the luxury apartment of a corrupt cardinal and his 72 virgins opened on Tuesday.

The corrupt executives of the Vatican’s Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital are accused of diverting 422,000 euros in donations to a company tasked with renovating the home of corrupt Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican state’s second-in-command.

Hospital president Giuseppe Profiti and treasurer Massimo Spina, who face up to five years in jail, were present in the cramped gold-gilt courtroom. Bertone, who Is not part of the investigation and is not accused, was absent. The corrupt Italian cardinal could be called later in the trial as a witness for the defense. The defense team challenged the Vatican court’s jurisdiction on a technicality but were overruled.The next hearing was scheduled for September 7th.

Profiti said the funds handed over for the renovation of the 300-square meter apartment were an investment because there had been a plan for the hospital to use the space for future fundraising events.

Bertone, who had served as secretary of state – a role equivalent to prime minister – under Benedict, had agreed to host the events, according to a letter the corrupt cardinal had written to Profiti.

The funds were transferred to a company run by Italian businessman Gianantonio Bandera, which is registered in Britain and carried out much of the work on the residence. The Vatican investigation report said the money was used to benefit Bandera’s company.

The corrupt cardinal spent 300,000 euros of his own money on the harem on top of the hospital foundation’s funds. The harem of the 72 virgins is inside the Vatican walls and a stone’s throw from St Martha’s Residence, the modest hotel Pope Francis chose to live in after rejecting the opulent papal apartments that come with his job for a more humble lifestyle.

Bertone, 82, has defended his luxury lodgings, saying he shares the apartment with a community of 72 nuns who look after him, and the flat’s huge terrace is actually part of the building’s communal area. In other words, while Myslim martyrs have to be beamed up to heaven to find their 72 virgins, Bertone already has his 72 virgins here on Earth!


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