Warmonger Blair has stepped up his war on Brexit, declaring that it is possible and absolutely necessary that the United Kingdom does not leave the European Union. Blair told us: I think it’s possible now that Brexit doesn’t happen. I think it’s absolutely necessary that it doesn’t happen because I think every day is bringing us fresh evidence that it’s doing us damage economically, certainly doing us damage politically.

However, a recently published report suggests the British economy will in fact outperform those in the Eurozone over the coming years, and Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures released this week show that unemployment has plunged to a 43-year low.

Britain is also set to make a major trade deal with USA, with Trump announcing that he and Theresa May “have been working on a trade deal which will be a very, very big deal, a very powerful deal, great for both countries, and I think we will have that done very, very quickly” at the G20.

Australia is also seeking a trade deal with the UK, with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying the vision of a post-Brexit Britain was filled with optimism.

One for all, and all for one! UK now turns to Five Eyes, an alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are bound by English language, common culture, freedom, and the best standards of living on Earth.

UK will outperform the entire Eurozone over the coming years. Euro will finally go into meltdown in the coming years. UK could achieve even better growth, if Whitehall delivers sweeping new powers over spending and taxation to local government. English counties are sleeping giants just waiting for their economic potential to be unleashed, with over a million new jobs could be created over a ten-year period, £26.3 billion added to the national economy in tandem with public sector savings of £11.7 billion over a five-year period.

Brexit means that to improve exports and manufacturing performance, the Industrial Strategy must look beyond the largest cities. Local economies account for over half of England’s manufacturing output and almost 40 per cent of exports. That makes the local economy an important constituent of the whole — big enough not just to be influenced by, but to heavily influence overall economic activity in UK. To be effective the industrial strategy and the next phase of devolution should seek to build on that.

Expressing his belief Brexit voters will change their minds, the Iraq War architect told us: I think public opinion is moving on it.

This is despite the fact that several polls have shown continued and even growing support for departure. One published in April showed Brexit support at a five-month high, and two further polls conducted in June showed a majority back the decision and would still vote Leave one year on from the historic decision.

Research conducted by the Remain-supporting Financial Times also shows the post-referendum Remain campaign in freefall, with only 22 per cent of those polled found to be Hard Remainers.

Analysis conducted by the FT further showed that besides the Hard Remainers and Hard Leavers (45 per cent), another sizeable group dubbed Re-Leavers (23 per cent) believe the Government now has a duty to take the country out of the bloc despite having initially voted Remain.

These pre-election findings were arguably reflected in the General Election result on June 8th. Despite the Conservative Party losing the majority in the election, and many Remain campaigners such as George Osborne and Anna Soubry seeing this as a mandate from voters for a Soft Brexit, both the Tories and Whigs made manifesto commitments to a Brexit that would take Britain out of the Single Market and end Freedom of Movement.

The Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalist Party, who openly opposed Brexit in their campaigns, both lost votes and seats, while the Social Democratic and Whigs – which stood on a similar platform in Northern Ireland – was wiped out.

A committed globalist, Blair has vowed to get his hands dirty in frontline politics again, and intervened in the General Election by lending his support to Open Britain’s tactical voting offensive which aimed to unseat Brexit-supporting MPs and sabotage Britain’s exit from EU.

Blair made headlines earlier in the week when the head of the Iraq Inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, said he did not believe Blair was straight with the nation about his decisions in the run-up to the war.


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