A knife-wielding Muslim killed two European women and injured four others after swimming into an Egyptian tourist resort from a nearby public beach.

The attacker struck in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada. His victims are were all women, and the two who have died were Ukrainian nationals.

Readers sent us pictures of the attacker being restrained inside a cage. The authorities are questioning him in order to determine his motives.

European tourists in Hurghada were previously targeted by Muslims thought to be Islamic State sympathizers in January 2016. Two Austrians in their seventies, Wilhelm and Renata Weisslein, were stabbed, and 27-year-old Swede Sammie Olovsson’s neck was slashed four times while he was sitting down to dinner with his father in a hotel restaurant.

Sisi is a complex figure. There appear truly pressing, immediate priorities in Egypt, such as developing the economy and combating the avalanche of extremist attempts to overthrow him. Among Middle East and North African territories, Egypt stands out as a primary target, given the cocktail of challenges that position it as a center of radical Islam.

Sisi faces violent extremist hotbeds in the Sinai Peninsula, and the still-destabilizing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (a political arm of violent radicals). Most notably, Sisi brought a reality check to the Arab Spring when he led the military overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government in 2013, ushering a spiritual and cultural Islamic reformation with widespread popular support from Egyptians on a grass-roots level.

Sisi faces more than just militant and political extremists within Egypt’s borders; he is also walking a theological tightrope. Egypt is home to the regressive theocratic influence of the most revered Islamic institution in the Sunni world, Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, which openly views freedom as a ticking time-bomb.

Being held hostage intellectually by the grip of Al-Azhar University ensures that there is a constant supply when it comes to producing the next generation of militant and political Islamists.

Egypt also faces extremist infiltration from neighboring Libya, a nation caught in a power vacuum after the murder of its leader, Col. Muammar Gaddafi. This vacuum has been readily filled by Islamic militants, including ISIS.


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