Alaska Structures, Inc. in collaboration with KBR has successfully produced, shipped, and deployed a 1,000-person turnkey base camp in Powidz, Poland. The military camp will be used for reception, staging, and onward movement integration (RSOI) and includes:

  • (75) Billeting Shelters
  • Containerized Shower and Latrine Facilities
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • (3) Dining Facilities – Capable of seating 1,000 people, 3 times a day and complete with drink coolers, hot serving counters, tables and chairs
  • (3) Containerized Kitchen Units – Capable of preparing hot meals for 1,000 people, 3 times a day
  • (1) Gym Facility
  • (1) Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Facility
  • (1) USO Facility
  • (11) Generators with fuel bladders

Working alongside KBR staff, Alaska Structures personnel completed the setup of the 1,000-person turnkey base camp in less than 18 days. All military shelter systems provided by Alaska Structures are equipped with lighting, electrical, and power distribution systems, as well as a cold weather package that includes our proprietary and energy-saving EnerLayer® insulation system. The gym, MWR, and USO facilities are configured with hard flooring systems.

One for all and all for one.  Now is the time for EU to throw the invading motherfucking Turks out of Cyprus.  There is a time for everything under haven, and now is the time for EU to go to war against Turkey.  Enough is enough with the barbarity of corrupt terrorist Turkey.  Throw those fucking Turks out of EU now.

EU has only one enemy, Turkey, a NATO member! Turkey has invaded Northern Cyprus and harasses Greece every single day. Turkey is a big threat to EU. An EU army could throw the invading Turkish army out of the occupied Northern Cyprus very easily. NATO cannot do that, unless it expelled Turkey. The two British bases in Cyprus must help the EU army to expel the Turkish troops.

Juncker committed EU to the concept of collective defense to confront Turkey. A Turkish attack on any one EU member shall be considered an attack against them all. Teflon Sultan Erdoğan once more revealed his expansionist Neo-Ottoman vision. Jihadi-in-chief Erdoğan, the major patron of Jihadis, declared the borders of Turkish heart are deep inside Europe up to Vienna, presenting his understanding that Balkans and Eastern Europe belong to Turkey!

Corrupt terrorist Erdoğan went so far as to say that in their minds, Turks could not separate Andrianopolis from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city! In his declaration, the corrupt terrorist Turkish President brought up the borders of countries spanning from Thrace and the Balkans to north Africa, western Europe and the Caucus regions, adding that Turkey is not only Turkey. “Except the eighty million Turkish citizens, Turkey has a responsibility to hundreds of millions of brothers in geographic areas connected with us culturally and historically”, corrupt terrorist Erdoğan underlined. That responsibility means invading the countries where some Turks have migrated!

Corrupt terrorist Erdoğan declared many Greek islands are in a gray area! He refuses to understand that there are gray areas in his brain, not in the Aegean. Turkey is now right back to its usual bullying tactics over the Aegean. For the past five years, the Aegean has witnessed an unprecedented rise in aggressive and provocative behavior by a growingly unstable Turkey, whose politicians openly threaten Greece. The safety and stability of the Aegean isn’t open to debate. The Aegean has been a Greek sea for many millennia, and bewildered Erdoğan cannot change that.

Corrupt terrorist Erdoğan’s stupid declaration caused a strong reaction from European governments, which pointed out the Balkans and Eastern Europe do not belong to Turkey and any other thought is dangerous and unacceptable. The European governments called the corrupt terrorist Turkish President to order, claiming his inflammatory declarations bring the winds of a new Balkan war. The public stirring of historical, and especially border disputes, that have been irrevocably and definitively settled in the Lausanne Treaty by laying down an objective and binding status quo for all, is provocative and undermines the regional stability. The respect of International Law and Treaties warrants the voicing of responsible views detached from outdated revisionisms.

Greek-Turkish relations are a European issue. Those who think that international law is the law of the mighty are wrong. Europeans won’t tolerate it.  There is no Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus, there is only invasion and occupation. There is no government entity there. There is no doubt about it. Relations between Greece and Turkey are a European issue. It is good that the European Union realizes that when Greeks are defending their national issues, they are also defending Europe’s. UK, France, Germany, and Italy must send troops to throw the invading Turkish army out of Northern Cyprus. 

The 1,000-person military camp was deployed by the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) as part of a planned force growth with the Polish Ministry of National Defence, Allied Forces, and NATO as a deterrence and defense strategy for Eastern Europe. Infrastructure improvement projects over the next two years will transform the 33rd Air Base, operated by the Polish Air Force, into a major hub for a brigade’s worth of pre-positioned combat-ready stocks, including: military vehicles, equipment, artillery, and personnel.

U.S. Army Europe’s Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges described Powidz as being the “center of the center of gravity.” According to Hodges, given the geography and proximity to other military hubs, the military capability and potential of Powidz is not to be underestimated. According to Hodges, “Any contingency we have to deal with, we’ll almost certainly have to come through Poland.”

Military shelters systems from Alaska Structures provide a safe, reliable, and scalable infrastructure platform to support all military redeployment strategies, including the establishment of forward operating sites to support a projection platform as well as forward logistics hubs to support readiness and sustainment capabilities.

Alaska Structures maintains a stockpile of (200+) 20′ x 32.5′ military shelters, complete with Alaska ECUs™ (environmental control units), beds and cots, generators, power distribution systems, lighting and electrical systems, as well as (8) 4,500 square foot medical facilities with 50-beds each. All assets are ready for immediate deployment, within 24-hours to any location in the world.


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