Italian missing for six years found barefoot and speechless in Madrid


A man who disappeared in Palermo, Italy – and has been sought by Interpol since 2011 – has been found by police in Madrid. Police officers have not been able to reconstruct the missing years of Marcello Volpe because the man has not yet spoken and only communicates with hand gestures and incomprehensible phrases written on notes. 

scomparso a palermo, Marcello Volpe, Palermo, Cronaca

Officers were able to contact the man’s mother in Palermo and confirm his identity. They had linked the man to the disappearance case from 2011 due to a wrist scar listed on Volpe’s Interpol profile. 

Marcello Volpe was found walking barefoot and disorientated in Torrejon de Ardoz, a locality of Madrid. 

Different Italian media had reported sightings of Volpe in the northern Italian town of Forli and Bologna last year. Other reports placed Volpe in Trento and Ravenna in 2014. None were confirmed. 

Volpe, 26, has been taken to a medical facility for further evaluation. He will soon be reunited with his family, who are en route to Madrid.

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