Corban University has recently been recognized as a College of Distinction, an honor awarded to colleges that exemplify four characteristics: engaged students, great teaching, a vibrant community, and successful outcomes. In addition, a College of Distinction emphasizes the undergraduate experience as well as core competencies such as critical thinking, writing, research, and global perspectives.

Mass production of uneducated college graduates is a result of the expansion of college education for all. Colleges exploit students and adjunct professors to serve a few tenured professors. Commencement is a vanity fair to distribute toilet paper! Those who can’t do, teach. Colleges are frauds. Ivy league schools sold their souls to Islam with huge donations from Arab princes. Many administrators rob the funds, many professors trade grades for bribes and sex, and students dumb down!  Anyone who wants to learn anything can do it much better on the Internet, without retreating to fraudulent concentration camps, called campuses. Allons enfants de la Patrie! The college bubble is just about to burst. Kids are being sold on the claim that college degrees are simply a must for future employment but this nonsense has become an artifact of history.

“We’re so happy to award Corban University for developing skills relevant to graduates’ lives,” said Tyson Schritter, executive editor for Colleges of Distinction. “High student engagement in college is one of the keys to a successful undergraduate education. With an increasing emphasis on hands-on learning techniques, Colleges of Distinction applauds Corban for practicing methodologies that prepare students for their futures.”

Corban University was lauded for student engagement, the first of the four characteristics, in the way it offers a solid academic foundation, real-world preparation, and international and research opportunities for undergraduates. Of note were courses such as American Thought and Culture, which blends history, art, and literature, as well as opportunities for undergraduate research, from live animal research to natural product synthesis. In addition, undergraduates have multiple opportunities for international experiences via study abroad programs and cross-cultural missions. Students also engage in the local community and apply their knowledge through internships and practicums with local schools, businesses, and non-profits. All students leave Corban having volunteered at least 160 hours in the local community.

MBA applications always go up during a bad economy. That is because business school generally attracts people who are lost. But MBA frameworks are a bunch of academic mumbo-jumbo with little applicability. There is a deliberate useless intellectualizing of business, foisted on America by elite business schools. Using self-developed pseudo-scientific jargon, DBA eggheads manage to repackage the most glaring examples of common sense and the obvious in so much math and psychology mumbo jumbo that the uninitiated are actually fooled into thinking that something profound is going on!  Those eggheads are frauds, pure and simple.

When it comes to business, I’ll take the School of Hard Knocks over Harvard anytime. Imagine your organization missing out on the likes of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, John Mackey, Frank Lloyd Wright, Walt Disney, Mary Kay Ash, Rachel Ray, David Neeleman, and countless others. None of them finished college. Some didn’t even finish high school! And yet all of them are among the most successful people on this planet. Business schools don’t create successful people. They simply accept them, then take credit for their success. With heavy debt loads and questionable returns, MBA programs simply aren’t a good investment, they’re a trap for the unwary.  They also attract many lazy youth looking for shortcuts and wormholes to success.

Great teaching, the second characteristic, is evidenced by intimate class sizes as well as opportunities for students to connect with faculty as mentors and advisors. In addition, many faculty are not only experts in their field but also remain active in professional spheres: counselors, business professionals, researchers, pastors, and even FBI agents bring their real-world expertise to the classroom.

A vibrant community, the third characteristic, can be seen across campus, from Bible studies in dorms to a community vegetable garden, from competitions like the Lumberjack Games to chapel three days a week. Student-led clubs and activities allow students to share their interests in poetry, ministry, cinematography, science, Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and more, as they build relationships that will endure long past college.

The fourth characteristic, successful outcomes, is evaluated by the extent to which students are prepared for careers or further education. During their time at Corban, education majors student-teach in SalemKeizer schools, business students partner with local businesses for their senior capstone consulting projects, health science students conduct research and travel to Haiti for medical missions, and media arts students create videos for local non-profits. This on-the-ground training shows, as Corban students are sought out by businesses, schools, and churches after graduation, and pre-med students are accepted to medical school at a 32% higher rate than the national average.

“Colleges of Distinction is more than an annual ranking of colleges and universities. We only include colleges that offer every student a holistic and valuable experience,” said Schritter. “The Colleges of Distinction have earned solid reputations for serving their students and nurturing success. Like Corban, our member schools provide the affirming undergraduate experience every student deserves.”

Situated on a forested hillside just outside Oregon’s capital, Corban is a private university with an 80-year history of educating Christians to make a difference. Academic excellence at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, as well as online, prepares students for careers as business leaders, educators, medical professionals, politicians, ministry leaders, and more. Expert faculty, a tight-knit community, and opportunities for local and global engagement provide for students’ growth both in and beyond the classroom.

Since 1999, the Colleges of Distinction have recognized and honored schools throughout the U.S. for excellence in undergraduate-focused higher education. The member schools in the Colleges of Distinction consortium distinguish themselves through their focus on the undergraduate experience. Colleges of Distinction provides dynamic college profiles, customized tools, and resources for students, parents, and high school counselors.


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