By Anonymous

10 years ago if I mentioned the name ‘Anonymous’ you probably wouldn’t know who I was referring to. Now, they are all over mainstream news, have the attention of millions and are playing a major role in exposing the truth about our world.

Anonymous is changing the world in a different way than many might first think of. The Anonymous collective is doing their part in a non violent approach. They know and see that what is taking place in the world is not something we are going to stand for and they are doing what they can to transform the situation. This makes you wonder whether or not this is a perfect piece to the puzzle.

As you will learn, Anonymous isn’t an organization or a group of people with a leader, it’s much different than that. Anonymous stands for something, it means something and ultimately it wants to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

Occident needs a democratic renaissance in order to put the people back in power. The Leave result in the referendum for UK to leave the European Union was seen as a victory for democracy and populist will. There is a rising Patriot Spring, and in Europe and America revolutions are brewing. They are peaceful and democratic, but they are going to send the elites home that are running our nations into the ground.

Laissez-nous faire! Let us do!  Please don’t help us! Government, go to hell!

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  – Ronald Reagan

There can be no growth without abolishing huge regulation, huge taxation, VAT, and huge political corruption.  Do not ask what government can do for you, but ask what government is doing to you!  Hitler said that the bigger the lie, the more hoi polloi will believe it. This blog exposes the biggest lies.

Government is the #1 terrorist organization. Democide is the murder of people supposedly under the protection of a government. Power kills, and absolute power kills absolutely.  In the 20th Century alone, the world’s governments killed about 160 million civilians in their care.

Today, we are less free than a century ago. We have different bullies to deal with but many of the same problems, plus some worse ones.

What would you say about the government spying on citizens?

Or civil asset forfeiture?

Or decades of foreign wars?

Or limiting the rights of citizens without due process?

Or imprisoning non-violent citizens?

Or imposing a 24% value added tax?

Or Islamizing our country?

Or demanding bribes and kickbacks?

Liberty is a perennial pursuit. We can never win it outright. It is never permanent. It is constantly being degraded, sometimes gradually, sometimes rapidly.

Each generation must pursue Liberty, maintaining and advancing it in whatever ways they can. We must be audacious in our efforts. Liberty is sacred. It is so easy for that to be forgotten, without the vigilance of dedicated advocates such as you and me.




Anarchy is a society without rulers or without leaders. Anarchism is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, or alternatively as opposing authority in the conduct of human relations. Proponents of anarchism, i.e. anarchists, advocate stateless societies based on what are sometimes defined as non-hierarchical organizations, and at other times defined as voluntary associations.

There is no rational justification for political authority, the state, or any other state-like institution. We should reject and exit the state and other state-like institutions, in order to create and belong to a real-world, worldwide ethical community, aka humanity, in a world without any states or state-like institutions.

All people, are absolutely intrinsically, non-denumerably infinitely valuable, beyond all possible economics, which means they have dignity, and autonomous rational animals, which means they can act freely for good reasons, and above all they are morally obligated to respect each other and to be actively concerned for each other’s well-being and happiness, aka kindness, as well as their own well-being and happiness.

Therefore, it is rationally unjustified and immoral to undermine or violate people’s dignity, under any circumstances.

Political authority is the existence of a special group of people, aka government, with the power to coerce, and the right to command other people and to coerce them to obey those commands as a duty, no matter what the moral content of these commands might be.

Coercion is using violence (e.g. injuring, torturing, or killing) or the threat of violence, in order to manipulate people according to certain purposes of the coercer.

State or state-like institution is any social organization that not only claims political authority, but also actually possesses the power to coerce, in order to secure and sustain this authority.

The problem of political authority is there no adequate rational justification for the existence of the state or any other state-like institution. This problem applies directly to all kinds of political authority, states, and state-like institutions—basically, any social institution with its own army, navy, air-force, police-force, or armed security guards.

If it is rationally unjustified and immoral for ordinary people to undermine or violate the dignity of other people by commanding them and coercing them to obey those commands as a duty, then it must also be rationally unjustified and immoral for governments to undermine or violate the dignity of people by commanding them and coercing them to obey those commands as a duty, no matter how those governments got into power.

All governments claim political authority in precisely this sense. Therefore, there is no adequate rational justification for political authority, states, or other state-like institutions, and ethical anarchism is true.


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