Danish family reported to police for flying US flag


A family from the town of Kolding in southern Denmark was asked to take down the American Stars and Stripes from a flagpole in their garden! Stupid flag rules in Denmark state that, unless special authorization is given, it is not permitted to fly any other national flags than the Danish Dannebrog, a white Scandinavian cross on a red background.

Police visited the family at their home on Monday and asked them to lower the American flag! The flag has flown from a flagpole in the Hedegård family’s garden for the last month. Police received reports from ragheads of a prohibited flag being flown at the address. The family was advised it could receive a fine of 2,500 kroner ($375) if it did not lower the flag.

Rikke Hedegård told us that she was disappointed that nobody spoke to her before reporting the flag. “My thoughts are that if someone was so offended, why didn’t they stop by and mention it? We go outside almost every day, so just stop by and listen to our story,” she said.

The family chose to fly the flag because they like American culture, Hedegård told us. “We feel we are a part of American culture in Denmark,” she told us. “I could understand if it was a Nazi or Isis flag, but an American flag, I don’t understand that at all. But it’s probably because [complainants] are not part of the culture,” she told us.

There are some exceptions to Danish flag rules – the Greenland and Faroe Islands flags, along with flags of the other Nordic countries, the EU and the UN may be flown, according to Ministry of Justice guidelines.

If permission is given to fly other countries’ flags, this is usually on condition that a Danish flag of at least equal size be hoisted alongside the foreign flag. The ban on flying foreign flags in Denmark dates back to 1915.

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