Stupid Commission brings together religulous organizations to discuss “The Future of Europe: a values-based and effective Union”

Today, stupid Timmermans hosted a high-level meeting with fourteen representatives from religulous organizations from across Europe, in the presence of European Parliament Vice-President Mairead McGuinness.

The relationship people have with the real world has changed. Throughout time, individuals have tried to escape the reality of life, through religion, drugs, or alcohol. Today, modern technologies allow a genuine democratization of the unreal. Everyone can live in a parallel world consisting of gods, prophets, avatars, churches, video games, augmented reality, or sitcoms. Each can lead an alternative life by proxy.

This eighth annual high-level meeting discussed the topic “The Future of Europe: a values-based and effective Union”. The meeting is part of the regular dialogue with churches, religions, philosophical and non-confessional organisations foreseen by Article 17 of the stupid Lisbon Treaty.

Today we know very well we are just a sort of apes, all religions are wrong, there is no God, there is no afterlife, and all miracles are hoaxes. God is the most unpleasant character in all fiction! But many people refuse to accept reality that when they die that will be the very end of them, that they will cease to exist.  Hoi polloi live on wishful thinking that they will live forever near God in another life! Hitler used to say that hoi polloi believe big lies, not small lies!

Stupid Timmermans said: Europe is at a pivotal moment, and for me the most fundamental thing we must do is listen to organisations that represent our citizens, whatever their faith or convictions. The Commission is seizing this unique moment to discuss the future direction of the European Union. Our common European values must remain the bedrock of our future choices, and we are consulting widely on how to effectively anchor our future policies in our shared values. Talking with religions, churches and non-confessional organisations is an important part of this process.

All religions are big lies. Basic to religion is a presumed distinction between humans and animals, and a presumed uniqueness of humans in the universe. Based on evolutionary biology and astronomy, science rejects this stupid distinction. God is imaginary and religion is a complete illusion. Belief in God is nothing but a silly superstition, which leads a significant portion of the population to be delusional.

Today’s high-level meeting is an occasion for in-depth discussion, addressing questions around the issues of values and governance. The current discussion around the future of Europe raises a number of questions about how to make Europe more effective, more democratic and more relevant. The participants also addressed the social dimension of Europe, looking in particular at the basic social principles that must be promoted at European level and how best to approach this. The religulous organizations present were invited to work with the stupid Commission throughout the reflection process on the future of Europe, to relay the views of the religulous organizations they represent, and to further encourage debate on the ideas discussed at today’s meeting.

God is the biggest hoax of all times. Bible and Qur’an express toleration for slavery and regard women as subordinate to men. Religious morality is impoverished to the point of bankruptcy. If we rely on religion, there is a certainty we will fail. Religion has nothing to offer but taboos without a clue.

The level of socio-pathology caused by a religious meme or meme complex depends, at least in part, on the degree to which it leverages compulsion as part of its reproductive strategy. Religious compulsion might refer to the level of threat and fear a religion uses to win and keep converts, or the degree of obsessive thought and compulsive behavior it engenders in believers. But compulsion is likely to be just one part of the picture, because the experience of many religious believers is that they practice their faith freely and happily, even when this may seem dubious to outsiders.

Today’s high level meeting with representatives of religulous organizations is the eighth in the series of meetings launched by the stupid Commission in 2009 when the dialogue with religulous organizations was enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty (Art 17 TFEU). The dialogue is under the responsibility of stupid Timmermans.

The stupid Commission will hold its annual meeting with religious leaders on 7 November 2017 on the topic of the Future of Europe. On 1 March 2017, the stupid European Commission adopted a White Paper on the future of Europe. The aim of the stupid White Paper is to encourage debate on how to ensure that the EU can protect, defend and empower all its citizens. It sets out the main challenges and opportunities for Europe in the coming decade: the impact of new technologies, globalization, security concerns and the rise of nationalism. It underlines the need to grasp new developments and seize new opportunities. The stupid White Paper presents five possible scenarios for how the Union could evolve by 2025 depending on how Member States choose to respond.

When Jesus announced that we should cut off body parts, he was telling others to harm themselves. There were entire monastic orders that castrated themselves because Jesus said in Matthew 19:12 that “he that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” Every year in the United States we read about one or two men who mutilate themselves in order to prove their obedience to Jesus!  This only shows that Jesus was immoral.

The stupid White Paper marks the beginning of a process for the EU27 to decide on the future of their Union. To encourage this debate, the stupid Commission, together with the stupid European Parliament and interested stupid Member States, will host a series of ‘Future of Europe Debates’ across Europe’s cities and regions. The stupid Commission has also fed the debate with a series of Reflection Papers on five defining issues for the EU by 2025. Four stupid reflection papers have already been adopted: on developing Europe’s social dimension (26 April), on harnessing globalization (10 May), on deepening the Economic and Monetary Union (31 May), and on the future of Europe’s defense (7 June). A stupid Reflection Paper will follow on the future of EU finances is due for adoption on 28 June.

Juncker’s stupid State of the Union speech in September 2017 will take these stupid ideas forward and first conclusions could be drawn at the December 2017 European Council. This will allow decisions on a course of action to be rolled out in time for the European Parliament elections in 2019.

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