Václav Klaus: “The time has come to start preparing the exit of our country from the European Union”

Václav Klaus is a former president of the Czech Republic and a well-known opponent of political correctness and Islamization. In the following brief statement he expresses his outrage at the attempt by the European Union to impose migrant quotas on Czechia through sanctions and other coercive means. He sees this tyrannical action by Brussels as an indicator that the Czechs must withdraw from the European Union.



Video transcript:

0:00   This is a proclamation of the IVK (Institute of Vaclav Klaus), that is, my own proclamation
0:04   regarding the treatment, the unacceptable treatment
0:08   of the Czech Republic by the European Union.
0:12   We fundamentally and resolutely protest
0:16   the decision of the European Union to initiate towards the Czech Republic
0:20   proceedings regarding so-called “not respecting” the receipt
0:24   of migrants on the basis of quotas dictated by Brussels.
0:28   We are protesting the attempt to punish us
0:32   and to force us into obedience.
0:36   To those who had not yet realized it:
0:40   by taking this step, the European Commission has shown exactly what the standing
0:44   of the Czech Republic in the European Union is,
0:48   and what are the intentions of its top representatives towards us.
0:52   We reject the continued belittling
0:56   of us, which has now, on the 13th of June,
1:00   happened.
1:04   This is no banality. This is a new, up until now unseen
1:08   thing. We reject the aim of
1:12   the mandatory settlement of foreigners within the territory of our State.
1:16   We refuse to permit the transformation of our country
1:20   into a multicultural society of inassimilable communities,
1:24   as we currently see
1:28   in France and in Great Britain. And I do not even mention
1:32   mass migration-connected — as of today
1:36   almost daily — terrorism.
1:40   We reject the argument that we simply must be there,
1:44   that we must just be present during European decision-making,
1:48   that we must be within the so called ‘hard core/nucleus’,
1:52   and while we are present during EU decision-making process
1:56   but are not the ones making the decisions.
2:00   Practically, our presence has no real meaning.
2:04   Our voice is ignored.
2:08   The decisions are not made in accord with us, they are made
2:12   about us. [echoing the Munich accord of 1938 — translator]. Let us not give in to blackmail
2:16   that uses the threat of terminating European subsidies.
2:20   We do not need subsidies, and we do not want them.
2:24   We reject both, our payments to Brussels,
2:28   and the subsidies from Brussels. We reject
2:32   this malignant policy promoted by force by the European Union
2:36   as a whole. From all of this
2:40   There follows only one possible — and at the same time,
2:44   the only necessary — conclusion: the time has come
2:48   to start preparing the exit of our country
2:52   from the European Union. This is the only
2:56   path for our State, which we have inherited from our ancestors
3:00   and which it is our duty,
3:04   as a self-owned entity, to hand over to future generations,
3:08   to maintain it and to rescue it.

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