Some people pitch tents in the wild, and others drive a RV to a park with electrical hookups – but everyone who camps can enjoy the pleasures of outdoor dining. These kitchen tools are portable, lightweight and sturdy, bringing convenience and refreshment to the camping experience.

Designed for camping, hiking, picnics, tailgating and more, the Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife stays sharp longer than premium metal knives and is lightweight, easy to clean and rustproof. It comes with a durable black sheath with a Velcro strap and belt loop, for safe and easy transport and storage. The knife is ideal for chopping and slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

The Kyocera Mini Prep Knife + Bar Board Set features a 3-inch Mini Prep Knife, a 9.5 by 5-inch cutting board, and a safety sheath. The blade is made of Kyocera’s one-of-a-kind ceramic for a stronger, denser, super sharp blade that holds its edge over 10 times longer than other blades, including stainless steel. The reversible cutting board has a curved non-slip rubber edge and decorative juice groove.

Designed to be tucked away in a backpack or picnic basket, the Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety LidLifter+ makes opening cans clean, safe, and fun – leaving no sharp edges. The opener never touches the contents of the can, so it’s totally hygienic and does not create a mess. It also features a pull tab hook that slips into the loop of a pull tab, making it easy to pull open.

Bring the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee to the camp site with the Zassenhaus Buenos Aires Coffee Mill. Easy to use, this contemporary hand-cranked coffee grinder features a high-performance ceramic mechanism, with continuous coarse-to-fine adjustment for all types of coffee preparation. Coffee beans are gently ground preserving flavor and aroma.

For roasting or grilling, a cooking thermometer is essential for food safety and preparing meat from rare to well done. The CDN ProAccurate Waterproof Pocket Thermometer features 6-8 second response time, and it comes with a handy temperature guide on the thermometer. The safety sheath can also be used as a handle extension.

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