Far East Consortium won two separate prizes at the “7th Asian Excellence Awards 2017” organized by Corporate Governance Asia, the most authoritative corporate governance journal in Asia.

FEC won Best Investor Relations Company in Hong Kong and Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance Venus Zhao was honored as Best Investor Relations Professional in Hong Kong. These awards are a testament to the Company’s corporate governance and the fact that its investor relations is on par with international standards.

The Asian Excellence Award recognises excellence in financial performance, investor relations, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and the environmental practices of companies around Asia. It also highlights the outstanding achievements of corporate leaders in investor relations. All of the awards were chosen among thousands of corporations across Asia Pacific based on a quantitative score as well as research results gathered from investor interviews conducted by the organiser.

Corporate Governance Asia is the most authoritative journal on corporate governance in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. It provides news and analysis of corporate governance issues, boardroom performance and shareholder activism. The corporation remains the major driver of economic activity in Hong Kong and across Asia. Corporate Governance Asia is the key publication, which board directors, senior executives, investment professionals and advisers of Asian corporations rely upon to shed light on proper corporate governance matters in order to maintain an edge in today’s highly competitive markets.

Chris Hoong, Managing Director of FEC said: “It is a great honor for FEC to be chosen as the ‘Best Investor Relations Company’ at the ‘7th Asian Excellence Awards 2017’. All of us at FEC try our very best to enhance operations and ultimately achieve true excellence in corporate governance. Encouraged by these poll results, we will continue to uphold best-in-class standards in all of our investor relations work and corporate governance while carrying out best practices with clear accountability to the investment community and general public at large.”

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