Corporations nationwide are now able to directly sign Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s) with Innovative Solar Systems, LLC and thus save millions of dollars yearly on their large Corporate Power Bills. No change in service or interruption of their current service or service provider is necessary for all of this to happen. It has never been simpler for Corporate America to have a choice in who they buy their power from and how much they pay. Solar Power is now the cheapest form of electricity, cheaper than coal, natural gas and nuclear so it just makes sense that large Corporations that consume massive quantities of electricity would want to enter into long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers like ISS to save millions. Corporate America can now immediately become more profitable by merely entering into long term reduced rate PPA’s for our power that is generated from ISS’s Solar Farms nationwide. Sign a Long Term Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with ISS today and save on your electricity bills.


Innovative Solar Systems is the largest developer of Solar Farm projects in the US and can help Corporate buyers of electricity enjoy energy stability for budgets, and forecasting by locking into fixed term PPA’s that range from 5 to 25 years or longer. Corporates are now able to reduce energy costs by as much as 20% while offsetting their carbon emissions with our SRECs. Does your Corporation wish to join the prestigious RE100 Club and use 100% Renewables for the energy you consume? Cut the middle man out of your energy procurement process and buy your electricity directly from the Solar Farm Company today. Solar energy is now by far the cheapest form of electricity and Innovative Solar Systems can supply your corporate needs for the long term so please contact our Executive Team today to explore a long term PPA with us.

Corporate energy savings has never been easier and requires so little for the savings to quickly occur. Cheap electricity for Corporations of any size is now a reality through Innovative Solar Systems and our massive Utility Scale Solar Farm projects located in over 35 states nationwide. Save on your corporate energy bill while securing long term efficient renewable energy. Please contact our team today for cut rate, long term Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s). Improving your company bottom line just got easier so call them now and buy electricity for less.

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