Made For Sleep releases a revolutionary new pillow on Kickstarter crowdfunding today. “We are very excited about launching our product on Kickstarter,” Michael McLean, the designer of the Made for Sleep pillow enthused. “We have gone live. It’s been a long journey but we’ve finally got here.”

Made from all natural materials, the Made for Sleep pillow is ergonomically designed to support the sleeper in a back or side sleeping position. This pillow is made in three separate segments which are fully adjustable to support the head and neck evenly.

McLean explained that the problem with most pillows are that they are specifically designed for either back or side sleepers. “The beauty of the Made for Sleep pillow is that it suits both back or side sleepers,” he explained.

“The natural curve of the pillow allows the sleeper to comfortably shift from a back to side sleeping position or visa versa during the night without waking.”

The pillow is made to follow the natural curve of the shoulders. This means that when the sleeper rolls during the night, they are guided into a position where their neck and head are fully supported.

“I suffered from a neck injury for years and could never find a pillow that suited me. I would wake up in the morning with more neck pain than when I went to bed. So I decided to make my own pillow. I thought how hard could it be,” said McLean.

That started a three-year journey with his very good friend, Chris, where the two developed a number of prototypes until they finally hit on the revolutionary design of the “Made for Sleep” pillow.

“We’ve had some great feedback. People love it!” McLean said. “They love the natural feel of the pillow.”

The pillow inserts are made from biodegradable New Zealand virgin wool knops, which while feeling soft and fluffy, are firm enough to hold their relative position and form during the night.

“From the start we wanted a pillow that felt like a natural pillow, used natural materials and was supportive and comfortable,” McLean explained.

“It became obvious to us that we needed 3 separate sections to support the two sleeping positions, and these sections would need to be adjustable to suit different sized people.”

The pillow comes in 6 different sizes to fit varying heights and shoulder widths. The three segments are zippered so sleepers can adjust the density of the pillow.

Entirely made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable cotton and wool knops, the Made for Sleep pillow provides full cervical and upper thoracic support.

“We believe so much in our Made for Sleep pillow that we’re offering a money back guarantee,” said McLean.

The Made for Sleep pillow comes with fitted pillow slips and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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