Fixing Cosmetic Damage to Wood


From furniture to doors to floors, you will probably notice the large presence of items made with wood in and around your house. Whether it’s rustic or modern, minimalist or elaborate, wooden items can really accentuate any style of home so perfectly. Although its beauty is timeless, wood can still bey scratched, scuffed, and stained, which can leave many homeowners vexed due to these visible cosmetic damages. There are actually various easy, DIY fixes for these unsightly issues.

This infographic serves as a quick guide for you to remedy various surface damages associated with wood– water stains, chipped finish, nicks and gouges, scratches and scuffed edges, surface mold etc. Additionally, the infographic also provides a quick guide on differentiating the more severe damages that can happen to wooden items such as wet rot, dry rot, termite damager, and carpenter ant damage, and how to fix these issues.

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