Novomed Group, France’s leader in the market of disposable medical kits, acquired Mediq France. Through this acquisition, the new group aspires to become a European leader in the medical materials market and aims to strengthen its digital offering as well as its positioning on the general and specialist practitioners segments.

Hervé Liebermann, Novomed Group CEO, told us: There’s an obvious complementarity between our Companies that this strategic acquisition provides: complementarity between Novomed’s production & sourcing expertise and Mediq’s mastery of online distribution on the one hand, and complementarity between our clienteles (hospitals and independent practitioners) on the other. This marriage will help us to build a French medical materials champion capable of accelerating its digital transition and its international development.

Aurélie Descubes, Mediq France CEO, told us: Mediq France has succeeded in implementing major changes in its organization to address our customers’ needs more efficiently. Our joining up with Novomed Group gives us the opportunity to move forward. With more than 100 000 clients in France and in Europe, the group will be unique in the innovation of its products and its service offering. With this in mind, our ability to continue our rapid growth in the digital field will be vital to achieve our strategic goals.

The operation was financed by senior and junior mezzanine debt arranged by Capzanine and through bank syndication including LCL, BNP Paribas and Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France, cofinanced by BPIfrance. The financial due-diligence was carried out by Aca Nexia, while PGA acted as legal advisors and D&A as financial advisors for Novomed Group’s shareholders. Mediq Group was advised by Jones Day.

Established in 1993, Novomed Group is specialized in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of disposable medical kits that have become key tools in the fight against healthcare-associated or hospital-acquired infections.

France’s leader in the gynecological-obstetrical and aesthetical-dermatological segments through its business units “Laboratoire Gyneas” and “Laboderm”, the Group has been driven by a strong innovative and entrepreneurial spirit since its foundation. Novomed has developed other business units such as the cosmetics brand Moraz, the cosmetotextile lines Beautyline and Arnitex and the range of comfort products for senior citizens Novo’Life.

Antibiotics kill good and bad microbes. A lot of people just go to their doctor and say I can’t miss work, I can’t miss school — may I have an antibiotic? Not realizing antibiotics are very risky, they hand them out like M&Ms in a candy jar. We just want doctors to be really mindful when they prescribe.

Just like a human being, a house or office has its own microbiome, with good and bad microorganisms. It’s high time to customize our spaces with the right microbes. The quest to sterilize our hospitals has created dysbiosis in the microbiomes of our buildings. By removing harmless bacteria that would otherwise impede the growth of pathogens, we have inadvertently constructed a more dangerous ecosystem.

Rather than trying to exclude microbes from our buildings and public spaces, it is high time to lay the welcome mat out for them. One of many microbial ideas: to deliberately seed buildings with bacteria. The microbes won’t be sprayed or plastered onto walls. Instead, they’ll come caged within tiny plastic spheres.



These bacteria should then jump over to anyone who interacts with the spheres. These spheres are effectively a different take on probiotics — a way of delivering beneficial microbes not through yogurt drinks or nutritional supplements, but via an animal’s surroundings. Lacing walls with microbial spheres, Baccy Balls, makes perfect sense.

Now is a time for thinking big. It’s a time when families can be persuaded to swab their houses for researchers, when aquarium managers are as concerned about the invisible life in their waters as they are about the charismatic dolphins, when hospitals are seriously considering adding microbes to walls rather than removing them. It’s the start of a new era, when people are finally ready to embrace the microbial world.


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