Nearly 200 students of New York Career Institute (NYCI) have joined Plaza College (Plaza) with no loss of academic progress or financial aid.  Since 1941, NYCI has been one of the only schools in New York City to provide the education and training required for students to become court reporters. However, in 2016, NYCI made the decision to voluntarily cease operations.


In advance of this closure, the New York State Education Department approved an agreement to usher the NYCI programs, students, and staff to Plaza College in Forest Hills, Queens.  Students and staff officially began at Plaza on Wednesday, May 3.

To protect the students’ ability to complete their intended degrees, Plaza College was awarded the right to offer NYCI’s programs in court reporting, paralegal studies, medical billing and coding, and healthcare management.  Plaza College has accepted all earned credits and is committed to minimizing interruption to the students’ originally intended graduation dates.

To protect active students from incurring additional costs, Plaza has frozen tuition and fees at current NYCI rates. Additionally, withdrawn students from previous years can return to complete their programs at the same cost until 2022. 

Mass production of uneducated college graduates is a result of the expansion of college education for all. Colleges exploit students and adjunct professors to serve a few tenured professors. Those who can’t do, teach. Colleges are frauds. Ivy league schools sold their souls to Islam with huge donations from Arab princes. Many administrators rob the funds, many professors trade grades for bribes and sex, and students dumb down!  Anyone who wants to learn anything can do it much better on the Internet, without retreating to fraudulent concentration camps, called campuses. Allons enfants de la Patrie! The college bubble is just about to burst. Kids are being sold on the claim that college degrees are simply a must for future employment but this nonsense has become an artifact of history.

MBA frameworks are a bunch of academic mumbo-jumbo with little applicability. There is a deliberate useless intellectualizing of business, foisted on America by elite business schools. Using self-developed pseudo-scientific jargon, DBA eggheads manage to repackage the most glaring examples of common sense and the obvious in so much math and psychology mumbo jumbo that the uninitiated are actually fooled into thinking that something profound is going on!  Those eggheads are frauds, pure and simple.

Since WWII, college has falsely been sold as the guarantee of better employment and higher salaries. But the costs outweigh the benefits. There are several problems with college today, not the least of which is its exorbitant costs. Kids are graduating sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, a debt many won’t be able to satisfy for decades. Some will never pay it all off. The result is that the costs are fast outweighing the benefits and it won’t be long before people just stop indulging this pointless waste of time and money and will just start to go right into the work force out of High School.

Then there are the useless degrees many kids are being fooled into achieving, packed with class work that is utterly meaningless to life or business. Classes such as black heritage, minority studies, and gay studies, these pseudo-degrees aren’t worth the sheepskins upon which they are printed. With these troubles on the horizon, employers are fast dropping requirements for degrees for all positions.

More than half of all recent college graduates are working in jobs that do not even require a college degree. Most Americans with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed. Most college graduates have not been able to find a job in their chosen field. In the United States today, approximately half million cashiers, half million waiters, and more than 200,000 janitors have college degrees. Only half of all law school graduates are able to find a full-time job that requires a law degree.

There was a time when campus life meant dorm parties, Frisbees on the lawn and entering a world of ideas. Today’s campus, however, is a joyless, politically correct gulag where students are taught to confess their crimes of privilege and inform on fellow students.

Free speech died first on campus when the great works of literature were censored because they could be offensive, when comedians began to fear to visit because they might offend someone and when students became afraid to discuss ideas, dress up for a party or even tell a joke. Now, today’s students know that Bias Response Teams on hundreds of campuses are encouraging students to inform on each other. That a casual remark or humorous tweet could cost them their future.

Dennis Byrns, former President of New York Career Institute, was instrumental in bringing the two schools together to help the students.  “Normally, when students transfer to a new college, they lose up to half of their credits.  By protecting the progress that these NYCI students have earned and keeping their costs from increasing, we were able to turn an upsetting situation into a positive reality.” 

Mr. Byrns has joined Plaza College. “This is also about protecting access to a profession – court reporting is a great field with many opportunities for motivated students.  It would be a shame if NYC residents could not access this career.” Plaza College now has the only court reporting program in New York City.

Located one block from the Queens County Supreme Court, Plaza accelerated the completion of a brand-new 20,000 square foot student facility on the 3rd floor of its campus.  The floor contains new classrooms and modern student learning facilities, including five technologically-advanced computer labs to excel in the students’ “Realtime” writing abilities – a necessary skill for today’s court reporters.

“At first we were all shocked and upset that our school was closing,” a former NYCI student explained. “But now we realize it’s a good thing.  Now I can just drive and park my car in the garage. Plaza’s campus is awesome.”

In June 2017, NYCI graduates and their families will be invited to participate in Plaza College’s 100th commencement ceremony.  For the first time, graduates of New York Career Institute will walk across the stage and their families will be able to celebrate their successes and achievements. 

Dean Byrns added, “I like to say, it’s a very happy ending with an amazing new beginning.”


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