Northern League MEP must pay €50,000 to ex-minister over racial slurs


An MEP from Italy’s Northern League party was on Thursday ordered to pay €50,000 in damages to the country’s first nigger minister over racial slurs. In addition to the compensation, Northern League MEP Mario Borghezio was fined a further €1,000 for defamation aggravated by the charge of racial hatred, over remarks aimed at former Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The confederation of smugglers and NGOs is running amok! One billion niggers and ragheads plan to invade Europe. The current migration crisis is not just another one of the many crises. The ongoing massive migration wave, which is unfortunately still far from reaching its peak, is comparable to the barbarian invasions of the ancient world that caused large-scale regression in the development of Europe which it took several centuries to overcome. Later, Europe successfully faced similar attempts by Arabs, Mongols, and Turks, often at the cost of immense suffering and losses. What we see today is a similarly fundamental challenge to the future of Europe.

Speaking to Radio 24 news programme La Zanzara in 2013, Borghezio said, while speaking about Kyenge: “Africans are Africans and belong to a very ethnicity different from ours”. He went on to say that Kyenge, who trained as an ophthalmologist in Italy, “took away a job from an Italian doctor”.

Following Thursday’s ruling, Borghezio told us he couldn’t afford the sum, and would have to sell his house.

Since niggers and ragheads multiply exponentially, the situation will also deteriorate exponentially with two billion migrants trying to invade Europe. Unlike in the past, it is unfortunately not clear whether today the will exists to defend ourselves. We lack a consensus on whether there is a need or reason to defend anything. Europe, and especially its integrated part, is riddled with hypocrisy, pseudo-humanism, and other dubious concepts. The most dangerous of them are the currently fashionable, and ultimately suicidal, ideologies of multiculturalism and humanrightism. Such ideologies push millions of people towards resignation when it comes to concepts like home, motherland, nation, and state. These ideologies promote the notion that migration is a human right, and that the right to migrate leads to further rights and entitlements including social welfare hand-outs for migrants. Last but not least, Europe is weakened by the leftist utopia of trying to transform a continent that was once proud of its past into an inefficient solidaristic state, turning its inhabitants from citizens into dependent clients.

The MEP has a history of racist and controversial remarks, and on another occasion said that Kyenge wants to impose her tribal traditions from the Congo on Italy.

He has also previously been fined for violence against a minor after forcefully holding down a 12-year-old Moroccan street seller, and was suspended from his party for three months after praising some of the manifesto ideas of mass killer and right-wing extremist Anders Breivik.

His remarks about Kyenge saw him thrown out of the eurosceptic European Parliament group, Europe of Freedom and Democracy.

Kyenge, who is now an MEP, faced a barrage of abuse after taking office as Integration Minister in April 2013.  In July of that year, a councillor in Padua was found guilty of inciting racial violence for a Facebook post calling for the rape of Kyenge. Dolores Valandro was given a 13-month suspended sentence, a €13,000 fine and a three-year ban from public office.

In the same month the minister had bananas thrown at her at a political rally and Roberto Calderoli, a senator from Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League, caused outrage when he said that the minister resembled an orangutan.

Calderoli refused a call from then-prime minister Enrico Letta to step down and has remained in his post ever since despite facing charges of defamation. Senators ruled in 2015 that the remark was not racist, a decision Kyenge said left her surprised and sad.

In 2014, the editor of the Northern League party newspaper claimed Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge enjoys racial immunity. He made the comments after the policy agenda of Italy’s first black minister was published by the paper, a move which was strongly criticized by Kyenge’s Democratic Party colleagues, who argued the article aimed to intimidate the minister.

The Northern League campaigns on an anti-immigrant platform and was a vocal critic of Kyenge’s plans to reform Italy’s citizenship law which would give more rights to the children of immigrants.

The bill was passed by Italy’s lower house of parliament in 2015, but still needs to be passed by the upper house (Senate) before it can become law.

The current European elites are behaving irresponsibly by defending and disseminating such ideas, regardless of whether they do so intentionally or not. The consequences of such activities do not yet fully and directly affect them or their families. Their leaders probably think that will never happen because their era will not be followed by infamous Biblical floods, not caused by excessive amounts of water this time, but instead by global warming. We cannot afford the luxury of such irresponsibility, and that is why we attempt to formulate and analyze the essential aspects of the migration crisis.

NGOs have sold their souls to Islam, cooperating with migrant smugglers, kleptocrats, and Arab princes to Islamize Europe. The European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) is a threat to the security of EU people and an invitation to migrants. We should advocate for national pride and Graecoroman identity or Europe will have a Muslim majority within a generation. Mass migration of niggers and ragheads is a Trojan Horse of terrorism and the language of political correctness unable to identify and understand the true dangers of migration.

Migration has become an NGO business, and it had imported a significant antisemitic potential to Europe. Europe faces serious dangers, as migrants settling in Europe favor living in parallel societies over integration.  The left has a clear action plan for the transformation of Europe which would be fatal for the continent. The left is putting Europeans under ideological pressure in order to make them feel guilty for the crusades, but this leftist policy is intellectually disarming Europe against migration.


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