On May 12, 2017 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China,CITIC’s M&A Fund announced a new education initiative called “US-China Global Alliance in Education Industry Investment”. The project fits into the “One Belt, One Road” trade and infrastructure initiative.

Those who can’t do, teach. Schools dumbdown children!  It’s a ridiculous terror to jail children in schools for sixteen years in order to brainwash them and keep teachers busy!  No wonder children revolt violently. Dropping out is a smart strategy of cutting losses short.

Kids only need literacy, something they can learn from parents.  Nevertheless, government does not allow children to grow properly and work, imprisoning them in schools for at least twelve years, in order to brainwash them with socialist propaganda.  This brings poverty and resentment to many children.  Many smart kids manage to drop out of school, getting all the education they need through internet.

Critical partners supporting this effort include Discovery Education and AdvancED.  Discovery Education is the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms and AdvancED is the world’s leading organization of educational quality, school improvement and accreditation. While AdvancED had already established its foot print in the region, Discovery Education’s entry into Mainland China is a bold step that will transform the nation’s education sector. China is in the initial phase of opening up the education sector to the entire global community and becoming a focal point for the world’s leading educational bodies and communities .With a singular focus of creating a set of educational initiatives promoting educational excellence based on research, modern pedagogy, scientific approaches, and cultural competencies, CITIC’s M&A Fund will lead the creation of dynamic digital classrooms across China.

By expanding the breadth and quality of educational offerings, China will better position itself to build and sustain the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The CITIC M&A Fund contributes to this process by leading a group of large financial services organizations and industrial capital management firms investing in this part of the One Belt, One Road initiative focusing on educational development.

Dropping out of school is a smart strategy of cutting losses short! Public schools are filled with eager, fresh-faced youngsters, and prisons contain many rough-looking adults with uninviting personalities. They are both kleptocrat-run facilities where individuals are held for a specific number of years without their consent, at the mercy of their custodians.

Abraham Lincoln is viewed as a model of self-education.  He never went to school.  He read all the interesting books he could find.  After reading some law books, he passed the law exam, becoming a lawyer.  He was never enslaved in classrooms of four walls with boring teachers.  He was a free man.  Why not your children? Everybody should follow Lincoln’s paradigm.  Stay away from schools!

Han Han, a high-school dropout born in 1982, is a Chinese professional rally driver, best-selling author, singer, creator of Party magazine, and China’s most popular blogger. He has published ten novels to date, and he is also involved in music production.  The Han Han story proves that schooling must be abolished.

The CITIC M&A Fund has gathered a galaxy of leading partners in this effort. The Shenzhen Chamber of International Investment & Financing, Ivy Elite Education Association (IEEA), the US-China Educational Innovation Alliance, SOI Investment Holding Company, Huasheng Capital Group, South China Normal University, Association of Principals of Guangdong Province, and the Educational Science Research Institute of Shenzhen have come onboard as cosponsors. These organizations are working together with the Chinese Society of Education, the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education, Shanghai Educational Press, China Education Industry Alliance, China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, and the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Foundation in organizing the “2017 US-China International Summit on Education Industry & Launch of CITIC Securities US-China Education Industry Investment Fund,” where both the cosponsors and co-organizers announced Discovery Education’s launch in China.

Nearly 200 American and Chinese leaders from the fields of education, investment and business participated in the event and the list of luminaries in attendance included : Professor Wu Yingmin, Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education; Guo Xiaohui, Standing Committee member of Shenzhen’s Municipal People’s Congress and Executive President of the Shenzhen Chamber of International Investment & Financing; Liu Mingtao, Managing Director with the CITIC Securities Headquarters in Shenzhen; Dr. Sharon P. Robinson, Chair of the US-China Educational Innovation Alliance and President and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) ; William F. Goodwyn, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Education; Dr. Annette Bohling, Chief Operating Officer of AdvancED; Dr. Kem Hussain, AdvancED Vice President for the Middle East/Africa and Asia/Australia; Emily Hu, President of Ivy Elite Education Association (China);  Dr. Peggy L . Brookins, President and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS); Dr Ray Pecheone, Executive Director of Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE), Stanford Graduate School of Education; Mr Christopher Mathews, Vice President of Global Partnerships of Discovery Education,Zhu Jianfeng, President of the CITIC M&A Fund; LiangYudong, Executive Vice President of CITIC M&A Fund; Zhong Hui, Managing Director of China Merchants Capital Investment Co., Ltd.; Li Lei, Executive Director of CDH Investments; and Chen Mingxian, President of the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Foundation. 

Mr. Liang Yudong, Executive Vice President of the CITIC M&A Fund, said that this initiative is a key centerpiece project of the CITIC M&A Fund for 2017. Developing an accredited, large-scale industrially organized education investment fund is a long-term, strategic aim for CITIC. Through this step, it will lead the way for other financial and industrial capital investments in advancing education.

This initiative is led by a number of capital management firms and will harmonize educational accreditation standards, resulting in a system of dual-accreditations in the United States and The People’s Republic of China.

AdvancED will play a crucial role in organizing and coordinating this process.  Dr. Annette Bohling , COO of AdvancED said AdvancED is the largest nonprofit professional organization for education accreditation in the world, and specializes in educational diagnostics, evaluation, school improvement and accreditation in education systems. Within these actions, AdvancED assesses curriculum needs and develops courses and educational programs for both primary and secondary level programs to meet these needs. Its expertise covers a wide range of programs, including vocational, STEM-focused, special educational purpose, online and digital schools. AdvancED’s aim is to ensure that all learners have access to high-quality education in different school formats in order that students will have a world of opportunities based on their varying needs to realize and develop their full potential.

China’s efforts to develop global standards in education, and to build world class primary and secondary schools, is only one aspect of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. “One Belt, One Road”  has moved China into a leading role in promoting globalization, international infrastructure development and integration of markets. CITIC’s M&A Fund has taken a lead role in advancing the “One-Belt, One Road” system through its investments and  in  backing AdvancED’s work in China, both organizations can accelerate the process of social impact on the human skills side of infrastructural development and implementation. These efforts will broaden cooperation and coordination across educational markets and regimes, giving students access to more and higher quality educational choices within a dual accreditation framework. 

For years, kleptocrats have been doing their best to further blur the distinction by giving public-school officials the same powers as the warden of San Quentin. There are many abridgments of freedom and invasions of privacy inflicted on children. Children are looking for a Moses to liberate them from the jails of classes, and lead them to the promised land of real life.

The socialistic feature of public schooling that dooms it to fail is that at every level, the system relies on compulsion instead of voluntary consent. The curriculum is politicized to reflect the socialistic cancer of kleptocrats in power. Standards are continually dumbed down to the least common denominator. The brightest children are not permitted to achieve their potential, the special-needs of individual children are neglected, and the mid-level learners become little more than socialistic cogs in a kleptocratic machine.

The teachers themselves are constrained by a kleptocratic apparatus that watches their every move. Kleptocrats have long used compulsory schooling, backed by egalitarian ideology, as a means of citizen brainwashing and enslavement. In contrast, a market-based system of schools would adhere to a purely voluntary ethic, financed with private funds, and administered entirely by private enterprise.

Generations of dumbing-down and educational indoctrination have brainwashed hoi polloi. Perhaps citizens will wake up quickly to their peril, perhaps not. They must be taught the value of freedom. Many do not even know what it is, and many don’t put a value on it. Where the Founders had the advantage of the spread of Graecoroman ideas, and a population receptive to them, we have the disadvantage of the decline of those ideas, and a population largely indifferent to or ignorant of them. This is quite an obstacle.

Homeschooling is the education of children at home. Homeschooling is a legal option in many places for parents to provide their children with a learning environment as an alternative to publicly-provided schools.

Parents cite numerous reasons as motivations to home school, including better academic test results, poor public school environment, improved character, and objections to what is taught locally in public school. It is also an alternative for families living in isolated rural locations or living temporarily abroad. Homeschooling is legal in many countries, especially Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Unschooling is a curriculum-free philosophy of homeschooling. Unschoolers believe that the use of standard curricula and conventional grading methods, as well as other features of traditional schooling, are counterproductive to the goal of maximizing the education of each child. Instead, unschoolers typically allow children to learn through their natural life experiences, including game play, household responsibilities, and social interaction. Exploring activities is often led by the children themselves, facilitated by the adults. Child directed play is a key tenet of the unschooling philosophy.

We should abolish schooling, to end the ugly and inhuman business of people-shaping and to allow and help people to shape themselves. Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. The teacher gives explanations, not learning. If a child is left to himself, he will think more and better. Be wary of saying or doing anything to a child that you would not do to another adult, whose good opinion and affection you valued.

Unschooling is based upon and built around the growth of the child and the success that is an inherent part of a self-actualizing life.  The notion of teaching people to become better thinkers is such a basic concept that most people would assume the goal has always been a vital part of educators’ tool kits. But the concept is fairly new on the education landscape, and it has yet to accurately address some tricky cognitive terrain.


By Basil Venitis

Children locked in all these classes

Dumbing down our kids

Boring teachers with glasses

Unschool now and lib the kids.


Kids are looking for a Moses

To liberate them from all these freaks

To lead them to the promised land of chosen

Unschool now and lib the kids.


Eager fresh-faced youngsters

Bored to hell and tired lids

Are in classes like gangsters

Unschool now and lib the kids.


Abolish schooling right now

Abolish all these stupid grids

Fire all these teachers anyhow

Unschool now and lib the kids.

The FOF supports the process of improving international education and private education in China by importing the best global practices

Emily Hu, President of Ivy Elite Education Association (China), an educational expert and chief architect, working behind-the-scenes on the successful launch of Discovery Education China and the AdvancED China Accreditation Council, directly identifies the advantages of partnering with Discovery Education and AdvancED. Discovery Education boasts the world’s best digital textbooks and the richest support material for teaching in the STEM fields while AdvancED accreditation system integrates curriculum development with assessment that will help China’s private primary and secondary schools to work  more closely with international peer schools in more than 70 countries. Emily Hu added that the high-quality teaching resources and educational services  directly address the growing needs of China’s educational system and  international education community for ensuring educational quality and a commitment to equity for all sectors of the Chinese society and the global community at large. This alliance specifically address- es the needs for  providing instructional resources, developing materials for curriculum design, improving teaching effectiveness and assessment, offering training, development, and certification for all practitioners, and developing educational environment planning.

* At the 2017 US-China International Summit on Education Industry, which is co-organized by the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Foundation,CITIC’s M&A Fund announced a new education initiative called “US-China Global Alliance in Education Industry Investment”. 


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