GMAC kicked off a global GME candidate segmentation study in partnership with IPSOS, a well-known market research firm, to help drive industry growth through insights on the motivations of the broader GME candidate pipeline. The study identified seven global segments that have distinct differences on what motivates them to pursue GME, including the desire to be a role model, provide for one’s children, develop skills and impact society.


The marketing that can be developed based on motivations resonates more with customers than marketing that is developed based on demographics alone. It provides a way to connect on an emotional level and inspires action. Motivational segmentations are also universal, avoid cultural bias, and remain stable over time.


Global Strivers Balanced Careerists Career Revitalizers Socio-economic Climbers Skill Upgraders Impactful Innovators

Jonathan    Ashok  Monika Cheng Luisa  Matteo  Adeleke

  • The share of women in MBA classrooms has consistently remained below 50 percent in parity to men, yet women are at or near parity in many non-MBA master’s programs. Even so, women are more likely than men to hold the MBA degree in high regard.
  • Overall, women are more pragmatic and outcomes-focused in their approach to GME, and are less intimidated by standardized testing than their male peers.
  • Women in Western countries differ in their motivations and approaches to the application journey than women in emerging economies like China and India.
  • Challenges related to funding are significant barriers for women.

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