Beam Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited, has designed, developed and manufactured the world’s first Satellite and LTE Wi-Fi hotspot product under an OEM arrangement with Thuraya Telecommunications Company of Dubai (Thuraya).

Thuraya publicly launched the innovative new terminal, known as the Thuraya WE, at the 2017 Thuraya Partner Conference in Dubai in April. The product is the world’s first all-in-one dual mode Satellite and LTE portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

“This is an exciting new product, the first Hotspot to offer the embedded dual mode functionality, and it’s a demonstration of Beam’s continuous focus on innovation.”

Michael Capocchi, President

The terminal will enable users to access satellite internet at speeds up to 384kbps, as well as LTE speeds in the Megabits per second when used in Cellular LTE mode, which is auto-selected by the terminal when that service is available. “This is an exciting new product, the first Hotspot to offer the embedded dual mode functionality, and it’s a demonstration of Beam’s continuous focus on innovation,” said Michael Capocchi, President of Beam.

Beam also developed a dedicated Thuraya WE App, for both iOS and Android devices that will enable simple and easy access to worldwide voice calls and SMS services, along with the use of all applications on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This includes full support of services such as i-message®, Skype®, WhatsApp®, Viber®, YouTube, WeChat®, email services and any other internet-accessible content for up to 10 users simultaneously via a simple Wi-Fi connection.

The terminal will also facilitate seamless roaming by Thuraya customers, from satellite to terrestrial LTE services via either a Thuraya SIM card or a standard GSM SIM card, enabling users to utilize the best option available.

Thuraya has agreements with more than 395 GSM cellular roaming partners, particularly in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, that enable roaming from the cellular service across to the satellite service on the same SIM card. This will optimize the appeal of the Thuraya WE Hotspot, and early indications of likely demand have been very encouraging.

“The timely delivery of the Thuraya WE is a great achievement and demonstrates Beam’s focus on technology development while fulfilling the growing needs of major satellite operators and customers,” said Davide Carpegna, VP of Product and Business Development at Beam.

Beam will release early units for demonstrations and marketing activities soon, with the Thuraya WE commercial units available from Thuraya in the second half of 2017.


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