After its series premiere in June of 2016, “Back Stabber” has gone on to become a breakout success in the digital streaming world. Hitting headlines for its societal commentary, LGBT issues and its messages to today’s youth, the once-unknown show hit stardom within days of its release. With its success, a second season was announced to begin production earlier this year, with big-name actors like Shanna Moakler, Kennedy Summers, Lauren Compton, Nikki Blonsky and Amauary Nolasco taking on lead roles.



Shockingly though, season 1 of the independently produced series was pulled from Amazon this morning. The show’s creator and executive producer, Ryan Zamo, said: “We found that most people didn’t like the first few episodes and thus never finished the season, and if we wanted season 2 to become an even bigger success, we had to make sure viewers could get engaged with the story line.”

Taking the data collected from Amazon viewers, the team behind “Back Stabber” decided to pull the full season from the site. Zamo added, “Though we took down the full first season, we re-released the final 4 episodes of the season. These episodes are the ones people reported enjoying the most. The first re-uploaded episode starts with a quick recap of the storyline in episodes 1-7; that way, viewers understand what’s going on, but can bypass the episodes people did not enjoy.”

The group of producers mentioned that the only reason for pulling the full season was to gain engagement for season 2, saying, “The story lines for season 2 start in episode 8, which was a major factor in choosing which episode to start the new version at.”


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