Blackburn College students have received a 108% increase in compensation for their work in the college’s nationally known Work Program. Each student at Blackburn is required to participate in the Work Program, working 10 hours per week in exchange for tuition credit. Formerly receiving $2,640 per year in the program, freshman students will now receive $5,550 per year.

Mass production of uneducated college graduates is a result of the expansion of college education for all. Colleges exploit students and adjunct professors to serve a few tenured professors. Those who can’t do, teach. Colleges are frauds. Ivy league schools sold their souls to Islam with huge donations from Arab princes. Many administrators rob the funds, many professors trade grades for bribes and sex, and students dumb down!  Anyone who wants to learn anything can do it much better on the Internet, without retreating to fraudulent concentration camps, called campuses. Allons enfants de la Patrie! The college bubble is just about to burst. Kids are being sold on the claim that college degrees are simply a must for future employment but this nonsense has become an artifact of history.

“We looked at the value of Blackburn’s Work Program and the important role played by students here,” noted Blackburn College President John Comerford. “Students provide the backbone of the operational labor to keep the college going, and the college simply couldn’t run without their input. Student compensation had remained at the same level for several years and we felt it was important to recognize the value they provide in their roles as student workers and bring it more in line with today’s economy.”

“With the state’s continued budget struggle and the uncertainty of funding for higher education, helping students achieve their educational dreams is what we need to do. It lies at the heart of Blackburn’s mission.”

John Comerford, President, Blackburn College

“With the state’s continued budget struggle and the uncertainty of funding for higher education, helping students achieve their educational dreams is what we need to do. It lies at the heart of Blackburn’s mission.”

MBA frameworks are a bunch of academic mumbo-jumbo with little applicability. There is a deliberate useless intellectualizing of business, foisted on America by elite business schools. Using self-developed pseudo-scientific jargon, DBA eggheads manage to repackage the most glaring examples of common sense and the obvious in so much math and psychology mumbo jumbo that the uninitiated are actually fooled into thinking that something profound is going on!  Those eggheads are frauds, pure and simple.

Since WWII, college has falsely been sold as the guarantee of better employment and higher salaries. But the costs outweigh the benefits. There are several problems with college today, not the least of which is its exorbitant costs. Kids are graduating sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, a debt many won’t be able to satisfy for decades. Some will never pay it all off. The result is that the costs are fast outweighing the benefits and it won’t be long before people just stop indulging this pointless waste of time and money and will just start to go right into the work force out of High School.

Then there are the useless degrees many kids are being fooled into achieving, packed with class work that is utterly meaningless to life or business. Classes such as black heritage, minority studies, and gay studies, these pseudo-degrees aren’t worth the sheepskins upon which they are printed. With these troubles on the horizon, employers are fast dropping requirements for degrees for all positions.

Blackburn College’s Work Program was initiated in 1913 by President William Hudson. First started as a self-help program to allow area students to enroll in college and help in the operational needs of the school, the program has grown to be an integral part of the college. Blackburn has the only student-managed Work Program in the U.S. The entire student workforce is spread throughout 12 different departments and completely managed by students.

The origins of Blackburn’s Work Program came at a time when the college was struggling to keep the campus buildings maintained and the entire school functioning at an adequate level. Dr. Hudson proposed and began the Work Program as a way to improve the college and also allow greater educational access for students. Blackburn has the distinction of being a campus where most of the buildings were actually built by students. Over the years, ten buildings have been constructed using student labor.

“The Work Program provides great experience for all students as they learn the importance of individual contribution, teamwork, communication, leadership and management skills, and the personal satisfaction of a job successfully completed,” added Robert Weis, Assistant Dean of Work. “Of course, the Work Program also allows many Blackburn students an opportunity to attend college by providing a significant tuition credit to make it more affordable. Because of the Work Program, Blackburn students carry much less student debt than the national average.”

The objective of the Work Program is to facilitate student learning and development in eight areas: personal responsibility, social responsibility, effective communication, adaptability, interest in learning, leadership, effective problem-solving/analytical skills, and job-specific knowledge. Student work learning and development is accomplished through the student’s active engagement in work, internship, and service experiences both on and off-campus, and guided with the active support and collaboration of college faculty and staff “teaching supervisors,” community partners, and student leaders.

“This unique environment of education and work leads to success,” Comerford continued. “Blackburn graduates have a 99% placement rate into grad school or the workplace, six months after graduation. And, this rate is based on a 98.5% response to the graduate survey. In recent years, 100% of biology majors, who have the recommendation of faculty, have been accepted into graduate school programs, and many computer science majors have job offers before graduation.”

More than half of all recent college graduates are working in jobs that do not even require a college degree. Most Americans with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed. Most college graduates have not been able to find a job in their chosen field. In the United States today, approximately half million cashiers, half million waiters, and more than 200,000 janitors have college degrees. Only half of all law school graduates are able to find a full-time job that requires a law degree.

There was a time when campus life meant dorm parties, Frisbees on the lawn and entering a world of ideas. Today’s campus, however, is a joyless, politically correct gulag where students are taught to confess their crimes of privilege and inform on fellow students.

Free speech died first on campus when the great works of literature were censored because they could be offensive, when comedians began to fear to visit because they might offend someone and when students became afraid to discuss ideas, dress up for a party or even tell a joke. Now, today’s students know that Bias Response Teams on hundreds of campuses are encouraging students to inform on each other. That a casual remark or humorous tweet could cost them their future.

Alumni cite the Work Program as a major influence in their personal lives and careers.  Most immediately recount how the Work Program taught them “how to work” — how to work with and manage other people, time management and communication skills, teamwork, and specific job skills tied to the positions they filled as student workers.

There are a variety of positions filled by students at Blackburn and each job function is important to the daily life and business of the school. While some students work in operational areas like food service, grounds keeping, and building maintenance, others work in areas demanding very specific skill sets such as constructions crews, teaching assistants, lab assistants, peer counselors, admissions workers, graphic designers, writers, technology workers, photographers, theatre production staff, academic department workers, business office workers, athletic department workers, radio station, student newspaper, safety and security, and community service positions in area non-profit organizations.

“The Work Program is a community effort, with student work being relied upon to help provide virtually all services essential to college operations,” said Weis. “By sharing, belonging and contributing through their work, students gain an added sense of community engagement.”

Founded in 1837, Blackburn College is a four-year, Presbyterian-related, co-educational liberal arts college located in Carlinville, Illinois. One of the seven work colleges in the U.S., Blackburn is the only one with a student-managed Work Program.


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