A little-known Silicon Valley startup, AVOCADO, is poised to potentially disrupt the way millions of Americans shop for groceries and other household items. AVOCADO’s “Pie”, an IOT device using sensors and machine learning, automatically tracks consumption and orders items weekly. Consumers are delivered their groceries at their doorstep by AVOCADO’s delivery partners such as local stores, grocery services, food distributors etc.

Pie creates a new segment of consumers who do not shop for groceries except for recreational purposes. With current home automation solutions such as Amazon Dash, Amazon Echo, Google Home etc. – a solution that works for an item does not work for others. With Groceries, ordering 30 – 40 items weekly one-by-one is cumbersome. AVOCADO’s Pie makes it all effortless. Since Pie is agnostic to the type of the item, its use could be extended to all consumables at home.

Consumers are raving about the AVOCADO service. A recent thank you gift to AVOCADO team reads “we have two young kids but still we would end up eating out often. Now groceries are always stocked so we cook at home regularly and eat healthier.” AVOCADO prides itself in the way it treats its customers. “Our philosophy is to focus on providing value to customers and everything else will figure itself out. An above-board customer service is part of our value proposition. We ensure 1 hr resolution for the majority of customer issues. This results in happy customers and a lot of referrals,” said Pradyumna Gupta, Founder at AVOCADO.

“Pie is a huge step in grocery shopping automation. It is the only device of its kind and it creates unprecedented value for our customers,” said Srikanth Kakani, Founder – CEO at AVOCADO. AVOCADO market study shows that about 57% of the consumers consider grocery shopping a chore and would love to see it automated. AVOCADO helps them do it.

AVOCADO is on a mission to automate mindless recurring chores at home. AVOCADO team has graduates from Stanford, Harvard, INSEAD, Georgia tech and IIT with more than 100 years of collective hardware building experience and track record of turning startups profitable. Team AVOCADO takes pride in seamlessly combining advanced technology with boots-in-the-mud practicality to build systems that are innovative, cool and actually work.


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