EU Road Trip

There has been a lot of negative talk about the EU and what Brexit means in the last few weeks. So we thought it was time to focus on what was really important to us: road trips! So we’ve created this guide to the ultimate EU road trips for you to cross off your bucket lists. We’ve also thrown in one from Norway, we know it’s not in the EU, but since we’re leaving anyway, who cares?

In Fourth Reich, there is a cultural war of dagos versus squareheads.  Dagos of South Europe are lazy, addicted to dolce vita, destroyed by VAT, and fooled by kleptocrats.  Squareheads of North Europe are hard-working responsible people, producing most industrial goods.  Squareheads have large incomes, and they go for vacation to the lands of dagos.  Since dagos pay 24% VAT, their tiny incomes disappear fast.  The perpetual misery cycle of dagos will eventually lead to a real revolution against kleptocracy and VAT. Europe’s Patriot Spring is just beginning!


The European cosmopolitan elites are creating a new European man, homo bruxellarum, someone who would be entirely deprived of his roots in individual nation-states. Migrants are believed to become the ideal input in the future pan-European society, hence, the more of them, the better. This thinking has become another driving force behind the current migration deadlock.

A company cannot function properly in EU, because of the Value Added Tax. VAT shackles business. VAT yoke constrains sales and robs poor Europeans at gunpoint. VAT is the cacothanasia of EU! VAT destroys the economy and trade of EU. VAT is the most infamous comparative disadvantage. VAT is a very good reason to secede from Fourth Reich (EU) now.  All Europeans want VAT to be abolished right now.  Abolition of VAT is a prerequisite for Fourth Reich to recover from the current depression. Any federation that imposes VAT on its members does not deserve to live.  Vatstruck Fourthreichians are looking for a Moses to liberate them from the yoke of Brussels.

Fourth Reich is the ultimate bureaucracy! We deride Brussels bureaucrats for living in a bubble, but actually they are a bubble inside a bigger set of national governments’ bubbles – a double bubble. As a result, Brussels has completely lost touch with those it purports to serve and its structures are underhand.

It takes accountability, activism, and attack to keep bureaucracy at bay. The first antidote is to make bureaucrats properly accountable to those they serve – to keep them looking out, not in. In the UK, MPs hold weekly clinics for their local constituencies, they are grilled and challenged publicly when up for election and their expenses and increasingly tax returns are a matter of public record. Alas, this level of accountability and transparency does not exist in Brussels, and it should. Most people have no idea how Juncker actually ended up as head of the commission, or what he does in that role.

The second antidote is to encourage activism – to give voice and opportunity to those at the bottom to challenge those at the top. This principle is set in stone in most democracies, and you see it happening outside the houses of parliament, through e-petitions, and with the emergence of new political parties. But Brussels falls short on this dimension as well: perhaps the double-bubble is just too hard for activists to penetrate – perhaps the lack of accountability neuters the power of activism. Nigel Farage has been haranguing Juncker in the European assembly for years, but the insults and challenges don’t seem to stick.

Frexit, Nexit, Auxit, Dexit, Czexit, Slovexit, Italexit, and Grexit are coming soon. Nobody can stand the diktats of Brussels. Across Europe, the exit stampede is on. Marine Le Pen wants a French referendum. Geert Wilders wants a Dutch referendum. Norbert Hofer wants an Austrian referendum. Marian Kotleba wants a Slovak referendum. Golden Dawn wants a Greek referendum. EU is not a Europe of peoples but of bureaucrats. Brussels absolutely detests European public opinion, and the system exhibits an iron resistance to reform. This current EU project that ultimately aims at a federation, modeled on the US, does not cut it in most of Europe.

Parties in the Slovak parliament petition for a vote on the country’s exit from the EU, following Brexit. “It is high time Slovakia left this sinking Titanic too,” Marian Kotleba, head of the People’s Party Our Slovakia, told us. “Therefore we will start making good on our election promise — we are collecting signatures to call a referendum on Slovakia’s departure from EU,” he added. Slovakia, a nation of 5.4 million people which joined EU in 2004 and eurozone in 2009, took over the rotating EU presidency on July 1. Slovexit is coming soon.  Slovexiteers now lead EU!

Fourth Reich is an illegal VAT-monger confederation that has no voted constitution, a flag no one salutes, an anthem no one sings, a Fuehrer no one can name, a parliament of prostitutes, a capital of huge bureaucracy no one controls, a currency that soon will not exist, rules of fiscal behavior that no member has been penalized for ignoring, a commission which is the Eldorado of corruption, brutal cybercops, 24% VAT, and kleptocrats galore! 

Most VAT-struck Europeans are disappointed in VAT-monger Fourth Reich.  VAT-monger European commissioners have become bumptious bugaboos who offer no real service, but propaganda and obstacles. They make huge incomes for brainwashing us, giving us hard time, 24% VAT, and boycotting our efforts for a free and happy life.  Laissez-nous faire, Let us do!  The VAT-monger European Commission is just an extra layer of government, an extra layer of oppression, an extra layer of bureaucracy, and extra layer of inertia.  Who needs that?

The Lisbon Treaty is Eurokleptocracy’s Pyrrhic victory. It created a VAT-monger confederation, Fourth Reich, without a popular foundation. EU lacks legitimacy among VAT-struck Europeans. Eurokleptocrats created a situation where the citizens of slave States live their lives with a resigned feeling that the EU project is not their own.  

You remember this quip from former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel during the financial crisis: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.  What matters to statists is that they see an opportunity in a pseudocrisis to shape public perception and manipulate public opinion. The financial crisis yielded a government takeover of the financial sector. The healthcare pseudocrisis yielded a government takeover of the healthcare system.  What do you think Eurokleptocrats are going to do with the pseudo-refugee crisis?   They’d be happy to transform the confederation of Fourth Reich to a federation.  You should take the blood libel seriously.

There are events in history known as false flag events. These are staged by a government usually to distress the public, so the government can do something that the public would otherwise disapprove.  The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. Lyndon Johnson’s phony Gulf of Tonkin pseudo-event started the Viet Nam War in 1964. This was deemed necessary to begin a full scale war with public approval and is now well documented as a false flag event. It never happened.  Now the pseudo-refugee crisis is the false flag to transform the confederation of Fourth Reich to a federation.

Though VAT-monger commissioners are supposed to do different things, they all do one single thing, spinning EU propaganda.  So in reality, Fourth Reich has 28 commissioners of propaganda, 27 Goebbelses!   Like Joseph Goebbels of Third Reich, they frequently deliver speeches on the benefits of Fourth Reich, but never about the costs.  Their disgusting daily propaganda costs many billions of euros, and it adds insult to injury.

The salaries of stupid VAT-monger EU Commissioners start at a quarter of a million euros, and that’s before we get to expenses, which are astronomical.  They also make a million euros from speeches, and much more from bribes. The quality of these obscure stupid VAT-monger figures, who are only recognizable to EU fanatics and lobbyists, has always been intriguing. They get there through political mafias. They have neither skills nor experiences. First and most important is the fact that they are not elected. Yet the 27 of them have power, infinitely more power than the elected MEPs.

All major political parties in Western Europe, regardless of their different names and party programs, are nowadays committed to the same fundamental idea of democratic socialism. They use democratic elections to legitimize the taxing of productive people for the benefit of unproductive people. They tax people, who have earned their income and accumulated their wealth by producing goods or services purchased voluntarily by consumers, and they then re-distribute the confiscated loot to themselves, i.e., the democratic State that they control or hope to control, and their various political friends, supporters, and potential voters.

They do not call this policy by its right name: punishing the productive and rewarding the unproductive, of course. That doesn’t sound particularly attractive. Instead, they tap into the always popular sentiment of envy and claim to tax the few rich to support the many poor. In truth, however, with their policy they make more and more productive people poor and a steadily increasing number of unproductive people rich.

EU is the first step on the way toward the creation of a European Super-State, and ultimately of a one-world government. From its very beginnings, and despite all high-sounding political proclamations to the contrary, the EU was never about free trade and free competition. For that, you don’t need tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations! Rather, the central purpose of the EU, supported all-along by the USA, was always the weakening in particular of Germany as Europe’s economic powerhouse. To facilitate this, Germany was sent on a seemingly never-ending guilt trip and thus pressured to transfer increasingly larger parts of its already limited sovereignty to the EU in Brussels. Especially noteworthy in this regard: Germany’s giving up its monetary sovereignty and abandoning its traditionally strong currency, the DM, in favor of a weak Euro, issued by a European Central Bank (ECB) composed overwhelmingly of politically connected central bankers from traditionally weak currency countries.

EU imposes the harmonization of the tax and regulation structure across all member states, so as to reduce economic competition and especially tax-competition between different countries and make all countries equally uncompetitive.

EU is punishing economically better performing countries like Germany and the countries of northern Europe and rewarding economically worse performing countries (mostly of southern Europe) and thus successively rendering the economic performance of all countries equally worse.

In order to overcome the rising resistance, in many countries, against the steadily increasing transfer of national sovereignty to Brussels, EU is on a crusade to erode, and ultimately destroy, all national identities and all social and cultural cohesion. The idea of a nation and of different national and regional identities is ridiculed, and multiculturalism is hailed instead as an unquestionable good.

All democratic politicians, with almost no exception, are morally uninhibited demagogues. Competition of crooks is what democracy and democratic party politics are really all about. There is in this regard little if any difference between the political elites of Berlin, Paris, Rome, etc., and those running the show in Brussels. In fact, the EU elites are typically political has-beens, with the same mentality as their domestic counterparts, on the lookout for the super-lavish salaries, benefits, and pensions doled out by EU. On the other hand, the EU elites are worse than their political cronies at home, of course, in that their decisions and rulings always affect a far larger number of people.

EU and ECB are a moral and economic monstrosity, in violation of natural law and the laws of economics. You cannot continuously punish productivity and success and reward idleness and failure without bringing about the disaster. EU will slide from one economic crisis to the next and ultimately break apart. Brexit is only the first step in this inevitable process of devolution and political decentralization.

Instead of swallowing the high-sounding blabber of politicians about freedom, prosperity, social justice, etc., people must learn to recognize the EU for what it really is: a gang of power-lusty crooks empowering and enriching themselves at other, productive people’s expense. And secondly, people must develop a clear vision of the alternative to the present morass: not a European Super-State or even a federation of nation States, but the vision of a Europe made up of thousands of Liechtensteins and Swiss cantons, united through free trade, and in competition with one another in the attempt of offering the most attractive conditions for productive people to stay or move.

The European political elites, the representatives of a new species homo bruxellarum, destroy Europe. We live in a far more socialist and etatist, controlled and regulated society now than we could have ever imagined.  We knew that socialism, or socialdemocratism, or soziale Marktwirtschaft is here, is here to stay and – due to its internal dynamics – would expand.

We were always afraid of the green ideology, in which we saw a dangerous alternative to the traditional socialist doctrine. We were aware of the built-in leftism of intellectuals. We followed with great concern the excessive production of under-educated intellectuals that emerged in Occident as a result of the expansion of university education for all.

Communism had been based on an apotheosis of science and on a firmly rooted hope that science would solve all existing human and social problems. To our great regret, the West believed in the same fallacy.

We did not fully appreciate the far-reaching implications of the 1960s, the fact that this romantic era was a period of the radical and destructive denial of the authority, of traditional values, and social institutions.           

We underestimated that the growing apotheosis of human rights was in fact a revolutionary denial of civic rights and of many liberties and behavioral patterns connected with them. Human rights do not need any citizenship. That is why human-rightism calls for the destruction of the sovereignty of individual countries, particularly in today’s Europe.

We didn´t see all the side-effects of the European integration process and didn´t fully recognize the very special role played by a construct called the European Union.  Nevertheless, our learning process was very fast. We are frustrated that even now not many people in Western Europe see it. Most of them see only what the EU propaganda wants them to see. 

European Union is an entity without demos, which means without democracy. EU is an entity with only a weak common identity. For many of us, being a European basically means a geographical delimitation. As regards our identity, we are primarily Greeks, Czechs, Italians, or Swedes. And we are proud of it. There are some European commonalities, but Europe has never been a melting pot.

European Union is an entity which misuses the term subsidiarity for disguising the actual state of affairs and the predominant tendency – the ever-growing centralization of the EU decision-making.  It is – especially after the Lisbon Treaty – an entity with one dominant country, Germany, which – as was recently stated by the its Staatsminister für Europa Michael Roth – must fulfill its leading role in Europe whether it likes it or not. It is an entity without authentic, genuine solidarity. It is an entity constrained and weakened by a non-functioning monetary union and by the irresponsible Schengen arrangements.

We should start building bridges – without prejudices and with open hearts and arms. We should try to establish a viable and functioning alternative to the – European political establishment supporting – parties and institutions. This alternative should bring together all those, who believe in Europe of independent and sovereign countries, who believe in freedom and classical European liberal democracy, who believe in the possibility of the return of political accountability as close to citizens as possible.


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